AP February 15, 2014

I had tried everything, not just to lose weight but to get healthy. Where a previous dietician treated me for being heavy, Marsha took the time to figure out what was the underlying causes of the issue. I came to Marsha because I had frequent migraines, indigestion, insomnia, always felt tired and I had tried Read More >

RM January 14, 2014

I wanted to provide my family with a healthier and more balanced diet that would be simple to follow and would not complicate our daily routine. I just didn’t know where to begin. Marsha was very helpful explaining all we needed to know when choosing our meals and provided us with simple and tasty recipes. And more important, she Read More >

LR November 19, 2013

Marsha was incredibly knowledgeable regarding health and the details of food; what should be consumed for optimum health, what products in food that should be avoided, and healthy choices for cravings. Everything was presented in a way that can be understood easily so that incorporation into daily life was attainable. Results were steady and healthy, results that will last. Everything learned Read More >

MD July 13, 2013

All of my life I have been aware of the fact that I was not taking the best care of myself. Though I made a few efforts to correct that situation I suppose it was a combination of age and opportunity which led me to finally takes steps to get on the right road. I Read More >

FA March 19, 2013

I cannot believe how incredible I feel with the dietary changes which Marsha has suggested! My migraines are practically GONE, my IBS is under control, and my hot flashes have diminished! I am now a total believer: the food you put into your body makes a HUGE difference!!! A gazillion thanks to Marsha!!!!

JC January 1, 2013

Marsha helped me get back on track with proper calorie intake and energy-boosting foods when I was in a post-partum slump. She was very insightful and her recommendations have truly been a lifestyle change for me. I am so grateful for Marsha’s insight. I have recommended her to family members and believe anyone with nutritional needs will highly benefit from her.


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