U.M. March 29, 2021

I am very grateful to Marsha. She has helped me to learn how NOT to diet. I do not have to count calories. I just need to make healthier choices. Now I know what to put on my plate at each meal. I am constant and effortlessly losing weight in a sustainable and safe way. Read More >

K.T. March 9, 2021

T.K. January 23, 2021

The goals I set for my time with Marsha Fenwick were two-fold. I wanted to boost my immune system after chemotherapy as well as educate myself on making healthier choices. Marsha Fenwick’s knowledge and expertise allowed me to gain the tools necessary to meet both these goals. Her recommendations are manageable and easy enough to Read More >

S.K. November 16, 2020

Back in 2016, my doctor suggested I see Marsha for an evaluation to help correct some of my health problems. Over the next few years, she educated me about the importance of nutrition and we built a relationship of trust and understanding. When I was recently diagnosed with cancer on top of my pre-existing conditions, Read More >

S.A. July 24, 2020

Early in May I suddenly became very ill. My food choices were restricted and it took weeks for a diagnosis. Even after my physician put me on antibiotics, I knew I needed a strong plan for good continued health. This brought me to Marsha Fenwick Nutrition, a professional where good health is concerned and certainly Read More >

ED July 21, 2020

I chose to see Marsha for her advice concerning adopting a vegan/plant based diet and addressing issues related to bone health and hormonal changes. I am a huge fan of her Instagram and following her thoughtful suggestions relating to the use of food to have a healing effect. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable but collaborating Read More >


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