DNA Health and Wellness Genetic Assessment

As a nutritionist, I have seen great results and positive changes through the power of food as fuel and I work with many individuals in this area of health. 

As a Certified Genetic Practitioner, I understand genetic concepts pertaining to diet, nutrition, detoxification, fitness, hormonal health, and metabolic disorders and have also been trained on the interpretation of the genetic testing reports along with the development of a DNA-based health plan for better health outcomes. 1

I am excited to provide a DNA health and wellness genetic assessment.  This can be done by a simple saliva sample which can help to identify and understand your genetic profile and its implications for health and lifestyle.

What Will a Genetic Test Tell Me?

DNA is the building block of life and genetic testing is designed to look at your DNA and identify changes in your chromosomes, genes, or proteins that impact your health and well-being. The results of a genetic test can confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition or help determine a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder and can even evaluate the risk of developing hereditary cancers, brain disorders and autoimmune diseases. 2

Why See A Nutritionist?

Certain mutations may increase the risk of developing diseases. Nevertheless, the progression from having a mutation to developing a disease is dependent on several factors, with diet and lifestyle being an important confounding factor. 3

Genetic information can be used to deliver nutritional plans, weight loss strategies, detoxification plans and hormonal balance plans along with nutritional plans to prevent development of chronic disease such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases..4

Following a review of your genetic profile and results, I will make specific recommendations regarding nutrition and lifestyle, related to your genetic predispositions.

While we cannot change our genes we can change our nutrition and lifestyle!

If you wish to learn more or have any questions about this health and wellness genetic assessment, or would like assistance with the development of your DNA based health plan, please contact me today!

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