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Marsha Fenwick Nutrition, Marsha Fenwick, toronto nutritionist, toronto holistic nutritionist, weight loss nutritionist toronto, nutritionist toronto reviews, certified nutritionist toronto, registered holistic nutritionist, registered holistic nutritionist toronto, registered nutritionist toronto, certified cancer coach, certified cancer coach toronto, holistic cancer coach, cancer coach toronto

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Marsha Fenwick Nutrition, Marsha Fenwick, toronto nutritionist, toronto holistic nutritionist, weight loss nutritionist toronto, nutritionist toronto reviews, certified nutritionist toronto, registered holistic nutritionist, registered holistic nutritionist toronto, registered nutritionist toronto, certified cancer coach, certified cancer coach toronto, holistic cancer coach, cancer coach toronto

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Marsha helped me get back on track with proper calorie intake and energy-boosting foods when I was in a post-partum slump. She was very insightful and her recommendations have truly been a lifestyle change for me. I am so grateful for Marsha’s insight. I have recommended her to family members and believe anyone with nutritional needs will highly benefit from her.


I cannot believe how incredible I feel with the dietary changes which Marsha has suggested! My migraines are practically GONE, my IBS is under control, and my hot flashes have diminished! I am now a total believer: the food you put into your body makes a HUGE difference!!! A gazillion thanks to Marsha!!!!


All of my life I have been aware of the fact that I was not taking the best care of myself. Though I made a few efforts to correct that situation I suppose it was a combination of age and opportunity which led me to finally takes steps to get on the right road. I Read More >


Marsha was incredibly knowledgeable regarding health and the details of food; what should be consumed for optimum health, what products in food that should be avoided, and healthy choices for cravings. Everything was presented in a way that can be understood easily so that incorporation into daily life was attainable. Results were steady and healthy, results that will last. Everything learned Read More >


I wanted to provide my family with a healthier and more balanced diet that would be simple to follow and would not complicate our daily routine. I just didn’t know where to begin. Marsha was very helpful explaining all we needed to know when choosing our meals and provided us with simple and tasty recipes. And more important, she Read More >


I had tried everything, not just to lose weight but to get healthy. Where a previous dietician treated me for being heavy, Marsha took the time to figure out what was the underlying causes of the issue. I came to Marsha because I had frequent migraines, indigestion, insomnia, always felt tired and I had tried Read More >


I have had the pleasure of working with Marsha Fenwick over the past 2 months.  I initially contacted Marsha just to get a few tips on my diet and how I could tweak it to feel better. During our initial session, Marsha conducted an extremely thorough, professional interview to determine my nutrition concerns, my risk Read More >


I initially contacted Marsha because I wanted to eat healthier and lose weight. My initial consultation was very positive. She did a thorough assessment and examined all aspects of my health and lifestyle. The next 5 months that I spent with Marsha were very educational and she taught me so much about food and how Read More >


After years of struggling with various health issues, including polycystic ovary syndrome and hypothyroidism, I was convinced I couldn’t lose weight, no matter what I did. I was referred to Marsha by my personal trainer. She took the time to evaluate my history and current health issues. We worked together to realize that I had Read More >


I met with Marsha over a couple of months. Our goal was to tweak my diet so that I could lose weight and improve my (and my family’s) nutrition. My weight loss goal was modest but it made a big difference to me in terms of clothes fitting and my general feeling about myself. Working Read More >


Upon my very thorough initial consultation with Marsha it became clear to me that I wanted to get off of my blood pressure meds or at least lower my dose. Through the food choices that Marsha provided me with, it very quickly became a reality! In the past, I’ve tried many diets and none of Read More >


For many years I had suffered crippling stomach aches, painful gas, and acid reflux, which is what prompted me to seek out the help of a holistic nutritionist. I needed real-life, down to earth advice from someone who could tell me more than just what was medically wrong with me. When I went to see Read More >


I started seeing Marsha Fenwick in early Nov 2014. My bad eating habits were beginning to take a toll on my health and I knew that a drastic change was needed or I would risk developing diabetes and further complications down the road, Marsha was a pleasure to work with and gave me the confidence Read More >


When I met Marsha many months ago, I was chronically exhausted, overweight, and had a multitude of ailments that made living life much more difficult than it had to be. After years of poor eating habits and no exercise, I experienced intense sugar cravings each day and I was caught in a vicious unhealthy cycle. Read More >


I was 64 years old when I started seeing Marsha. I was referred to Marsha by a personal trainer who has been working with me for about 5years. I struggled with my immune system and my weight. I also had high blood pressure. I was just a mess. Back in January of 2015 – my Read More >


I came to Marsha feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. Having swelling all over and poor digestion, I turned to Marsha to provide me a direction for better eating that was reflected in the areas of my greatest need. This was not a cookie cutter diet but truly a foundation for a better way of life. I Read More >


Marsha is a very special person and uniquely qualified nutritionist. Her broad experience in traditional and natural healthcare enables her to have a truly “holistic” approach – she considers the “whole” patient and creates a bespoke recommendation for everyone rather than a “one size fits all approach” that we see all to often in this Read More >


After starting university, I found it hard to get into a healthy routine and lifestyle to adjust to while away from home. I would eat whatever I wanted from the cafeteria and never went to the gym. These unhealthy habits caused me to gain the FRESHMEN 15. Upon returning home from my first year away at university, Read More >


As a vegetarian, it has always been challenging to eat well. Plus, over the past 10 years, I have had 2 kids and gained 10 pounds.  I also suffer from migraines regularly. So, my lofty goals for Marsha were: 1) healthy, balanced vegetarian diet, 2) lose 10 pounds and 3) reduce my migraines. I am Read More >


For years I’ve struggled with issues regarding my weight. I’ve been to dietitians, on different diets yet my weight was still up and down. When I went to Marsha, one of the first things she told me was that she wasn’t putting me on a diet, she was going to teach me how to live Read More >


As an Event Producer in the GTA, I often seek talented people for a variety of events.  I recently contracted Marsha to do a presentation on health, hormones and the power of food.  In attendance were twenty eager women ready to learn about this topic.  Marsha’s presentation was excellent.  She was thorough and well spoken Read More >


Marsha is a wonderful nutritionist.  She took my likes and dislikes, plus my lifestyle into consideration when formulating a healthy nutrition plan that is sustainable and ideal for my individual needs.  She took the time to teach me about food and explain why certain choices are healthier than others.  With Marsha’s guidance, encouragement and vast Read More >


I have been working with Marsha for the past 6 months. Marsha is such a wonderful nutritionist and life coach. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share, but more importantly knows how to share that information through effective coaching.  Marsha provides easy to follow instructions and methods to get anyone to their desired Read More >


Marsha was recommended to me by my primary care physician because of persistent stomach discomfort. He had tried to make some suggestions to improve my diet but I was still regularly feeling bloated and constipated. This is a problem that began in my late teens and continued to now, when I am 30. After conducting a thorough Read More >


Marsha is not your “garden variety” nutritionist. Her approach is comprehensive and customized – not cookie-cutter (although she will probably suggest that you cut out cookies that are sugar-laden). Her information gathering takes into consideration numerous factors that transcend simply the food you eat. She is an excellent listener, empathetic and supportive. Her passion and Read More >


Marsha Fenwick has joined us at the Bernard Betel Centre on a number of occasions. She has run various informational presentations; set up a table with information and food samples at one of our Health Fairs; and has run a 4-week Healthy Eating and Nutrition Series. Her presentations and programs are very well researched and Read More >


Working with Marsha over the past year has been a great, as well a rewarding experience with the progress I have made. When I started with Marsha my main goal was to change my lifestyle. I was not eating clean, took no vitamins or supplements and had thought “Whole Foods” was just a grocery market. Read More >


I started seeing Marsha for nutritional advice to try to reduce some of the inflammation I had in my body after having a bad car accident, which was recommended to me by my Chiropractor. After a few weeks of incorporating her suggestions, I noticed my pain had started to improve, particularly overall, not just in Read More >


I went to see Marsha because I refused to accept what so many people had told me, “Once you are in your late 40’s you are going to gain weight and there is nothing you can do about it- it’s the hormones.”  Marsha helped me understand about my way of eating, reducing inflammation and  how Read More >


My name is Luba Napoleone and I met Marsha September 2016 at her office at Back in Action. The goal of my visit was not only to lose weight but also maintain it. Before I met Marsha in person I heard a lot of good things about her and the approach that she uses. The Read More >


I had the pleasure of meeting Marsha this past summer when I contacted her regarding acute joint inflammation due to gout. Immediately she instructed me how to change my diet to reduce inflammation and avoid further gout attacks. Her recommendations and suggestions resulted in the targeted issues being resolved but also noticeable increase in energy Read More >


I was very fortunate to have known Marsha and be under her care. I have nothing but great experience with my sessions. Her in depth knowledge in food and nutrition served a great tool for me to achieve my goals. I love her approach. She taught me that it is not about the calories and Read More >


I have truly enjoyed working with Marsha over the past several months learning about holistic nutrition and gut health. I always appreciated her warm smile and the way she welcomed me into her home and kitchen. Marsha knew how eager I was to change my dietary habits and to feel better. She was always happy Read More >


For over 20 years I struggled with daily headaches and digestive issues. After years of ultrasounds, various scans, and endoscopes, I was told my stomach issues were due to Irritable bowel Syndrome, and my headache might be stress related. I took various medications, but nothing helped. I had seen a Dietitian at one point, but Read More >


I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for your guidance in clarifying an eating plan that is sustainable for me. Your insight has helped me to better understand an easy approach to my issues around stabilizing blood sugar. Your sensitivity and non-judgmental approach opened the door to MY drive to improve my overall Read More >


Marsha has been an excellent guide to me in changing my nutritional habits and life style. Since then, my usual pain is almost gone without medication.  I feel much energetic, and therefore more positive. And guess what I have also lost 7 pounds… But for me the most important part is that, after 3 months Read More >


I came to Marsha as a referral from my naturopath. I was frustrated, angry and didn’t know where to turn. I had had my thyroid removed four years prior, gained a tremendous amount of weight, read a lot of conflicting information about what I should and should not eat (supplements included), and expected this experience Read More >


Dear Marsha  I am writing to let you know that I had my recent visit to my physician. He has confirmed that my blood pressure has dropped and that I have lost 13 pounds since my last visit.  All this I attribute, with great thanks, to your wise counsel and gentle encouragement.   When my doctor recommended your services, I Read More >


Thank you so much, Marsha for ‘sorting’ me out these last few months. When I first started seeing you, I was frustrated, depressed and completely overwhelmed – I had no idea how to deal with a number of medical issues that directly affected my nutrition and life as I had known it. You calmly, professionally and compassionately Read More >


Marsha’s not your garden variety nutritionist, she’s a clinical nutritionist with an extensive background in hospital healthcare. Rather than counting calories or points, Marsha presents the most up-to-date evidence based research and nutritious solutions to help their clients, like myself achieve their weight loss goals and address specific health conditions. It’s not about deprivation or Read More >


To whom it may concern; I had an amazing experience with Marsha Fenwick as my holistic nutritionist. I originally went to Marsha to educate myself in foods to best boost my immune system. I am thrilled to say this is the first winter in 10 years I’m not on antibiotics for sinusitis!! I found Marsha Read More >


I would like to take a moment to truly thank Marsha for helping me lose weight in a healthy and sustainable matter while improving my overall health. From my late teens and into my adulthood I have always struggled with weight gain. I tried to eat well, take my vitamins and follow all the buzzing Read More >


My doctor sent me to Marsha after years of stomach issues. We had tried a number of diagnostic tests and they were unable to identify any problem. Eventually I asked if there was an alternative option and was given Marsha Fenwick’s name. After our first consultation I began noticing changes and within a month, the Read More >


Dear Marsha, Thank you so much for all your help! You have helped me change my life and the way I feel about myself. I no longer have terrible discomfort, bloating and stomach cramps I felt from eating all the wrong foods and it is thanks to you. I appreciate the tailored plan to fit Read More >


I came to see Marsha in February after a 5 week period that went till the end of January where I had experienced excruciating pain from a large kidney stone that pretty much blocked my right kidney and caused both extreme pain and my “numbers to be significantly out of whack”. Creatinine, A1C blood sugar Read More >


I have been diagnosed with inflammatory osteoarthritis that affects the joints in my hands. My arthritis doctor prescribed periodic steroid injections into my joints, which are quite painful, along with a medication that adversely affects my immune system and, as a side effect, can also cause permanent damage to my eyes. I consulted Marsha with the hope that dietary changes might help control the inflammation underlying my condition and Read More >


When I first met Marsha, I was constantly hungry and never felt satisfied or energized after a meal or snack. Marsha completely changed the way I eat and how food makes me feel. As a vegetarian, she taught me how to eat healthy, low carb food that made me feel full. Yes, I lost weight Read More >


I have recently decided to go vegan, and knowing the nutritional challenges I would be facing, I consulted Marsha for some much needed help and advice. She was nothing but helpful! Not only did she answer all of my questions with such detail and knowledge , she really put all my concerns at ease. She Read More >


Women’s Wellness Retreat Fall 2018:  As soon as we arrived at the beautiful bayside log home turned ‘retreat’ for the day, a calmness settled inside of me. A gathering of fifteen women…some of us knowing one another, others strangers. It was a willingness to be somewhat vulnerable amongst these women, which brought me to sign Read More >


After chatting with a friend who had improved her lifestyle by meeting with a nutritionist, I decided that I too could gain something from meeting with Marsha. I am a very fit, active 55 year old Kindergarten teacher who already eats well, but Marsha gave me the motivation to do better, be more versatile and Read More >


I was referred to Marsha by my family physician. I had recently retired and really wanted to focus on improving my overall health, including lowering my blood pressure, cholesterol and weight to healthier levels. Marsha gets to know you and provides very clear and practical advice, including products (what to look for on packaging and Read More >


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in my forties, I was looking for nutrition information that I could trust. While trying to sort through extensive information on my own on the topic of breast cancer, health and nutrition, I often times felt frustrated with conflicting information that I found. Marsha Read More >


I am a 56 year-old reasonably fit woman, but I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in the fall of 2018. My doctor wanted me to start taking calcium supplements. I figured that increasing the calcium intake in my diet would be a healthier way for my body to absorb the increased calcium so I enlisted the Read More >

Harold Levy

I probably never would have ended up being a client of Marsha Fenwick if my heart doctor had not given me an unsettling message: Lose about 30 pounds (or more preferably) or else!! It was the unappetizing words ‘or else’ that got to me! Before that first appointment, I expected that I was going to Read More >


Change is often scary, especially when you need to put your trust in someone else and let go of the foods you love. In my case, I had to significantly reduce my sugar intake and naturally, I worried I would feel deprived. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to remove trigger foods when Read More >


I first went to see Marsha after I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I was having stomach issues with constant stomach aches and bloating and occasional nausea. I knew I had to change something in my life. Marsha provided me with a nutrition plan and told me what I should be including as a benefit Read More >


During our first session, Marsha educated herself on my overall health and took the time to get to know me and my needs. She quickly assessed my struggles and devised a clear and concise plan for positive change. She taught me how to prepare balanced meals, and provided me with easy and delicious recipes that Read More >


I was surprised to learn at my annual check-up with my physician that I had somehow put on an extra 20 pounds in the last year, and 30 pounds over the last 2 years. I was also tired all the time and kept eating food I thought would give me the short-term energy bursts I needed. This Read More >


When I first went to see Marsha, I had a host of health problems. I had acid reflux, was significantly overweight and was on the verge of type two diabetes. Needless to say, I was in need of a lot of nutritional help. Marsha asked me many questions to determine the best plan for me. Read More >

Street Haven Learning Center

Marsha facilitated a workshop at the Street Haven Academic and Pre-Employment Program to teach our literacy students about healthy eating.  The workshop was very well received by the participants.  They were engaged and very excited to learn from Marsha and they enjoyed the hands-on activity of making a muffin in a cup.   We really Read More >


I always exercised and felt that I had healthy eating habits, took vitamins and went to a naturopath previously. However, I had asthma, controlled with inhalers, swelling of my feet and legs, stomach bloat, general malaise and kept putting on weight. My trainer, (Debra Kirsch) to whom I am grateful, recommended that I should see Marsha Read More >


I had just found out I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and knew I needed to change my diet in order to maintain a regular cycle. I struggled most of my life with losing weight and not understanding what I should and should not eat. I decided to meet with Marsha because I needed a guide to help me figure out what Read More >


Marsha was recommended to me by my physician. I am not overweight and thought I was eating quite well. My goal was to tweak my nutrition in order to increase longevity (I am in my fifties).  I never cooked anything previously.  Marsha was never judgmental and made me feel good in a very caring, calm and warm way, Marsha took the time to very thoroughly listen to Read More >


I was referred to Marsha through an acquaintance at the gym. I was at my wits end with my chronic cankers and constipation issues for as long as I can remember. Thank goodness we crossed paths! She truly was my life saver. I am a fit 65 year old who runs and cross trains daily.  Read More >


When my husband and I met Marsha, we weren’t prepared for the holistic impact she would have on our lives. Marsha treats the whole person, and uses her expertise to incorporate eating into your life instead of forcing your way of life into a diet! That has been the difference! Her warmth, compassion and knowledge is changing the Read More >



I chose to see Marsha for her advice concerning adopting a vegan/plant based diet and addressing issues related to bone health and hormonal changes. I am a huge fan of her Instagram and following her thoughtful suggestions relating to the use of food to have a healing effect. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable but collaborating Read More >


Early in May I suddenly became very ill. My food choices were restricted and it took weeks for a diagnosis. Even after my physician put me on antibiotics, I knew I needed a strong plan for good continued health. This brought me to Marsha Fenwick Nutrition, a professional where good health is concerned and certainly Read More >


Back in 2016, my doctor suggested I see Marsha for an evaluation to help correct some of my health problems. Over the next few years, she educated me about the importance of nutrition and we built a relationship of trust and understanding. When I was recently diagnosed with cancer on top of my pre-existing conditions, Read More >


The goals I set for my time with Marsha Fenwick were two-fold. I wanted to boost my immune system after chemotherapy as well as educate myself on making healthier choices. Marsha Fenwick’s knowledge and expertise allowed me to gain the tools necessary to meet both these goals. Her recommendations are manageable and easy enough to Read More >



I am very grateful to Marsha. She has helped me to learn how NOT to diet. I do not have to count calories. I just need to make healthier choices. Now I know what to put on my plate at each meal. I am constant and effortlessly losing weight in a sustainable and safe way. Read More >


I am writing this as I am sure many others like myself have been feeling crappy and struggling over this period of time during Covid. I stayed in this negative headspace until Jan 2021 arrived and realized it was up to me to change my life and direction. My GP had referred me to Marsha Read More >

D. L.

When I first had the thought that I would use the expertise of a nutritionist I had no specific goals other than general health. I do have some minor health issues that I thought “upgrading” my diet could only be beneficial and may address these issues. After working with you for around 2 months, I Read More >

David P.

In June 2020 – in the midst of the COVID crisis – I decided that I was going to make a sincere effort to losing my excess weight. I was referred to Marsha Fenwick by the Doctor and the results have been outstanding. In June my weight was 240+ pounds. With Marsha’s encouragement and guidance Read More >


Marsha has helped me tremendously with a life-changing eating plan. I have gained extensive knowledge about nutrition, better eating and anti- inflammatory foods. When I started the programme I was feeling tired and starting to have aches and pains and joint pain in my body. The medical doctor told me it was my age ( Read More >


After years of struggling to find nutritional stability I came to Marsha looking to boost my energy levels, mood and overall balance when it came to food. I achieved all that and SO much more. Marsha’s holistic and personalized approach afforded me with a tailored experience that accounted for all facets of my life. Not Read More >


I decided it was time to take action and transform my health after years of struggling with stomach related issues. It was affecting me both physically and mentally and so I decided to see if a change in diet might be the answer. I chose MARSHA on the recommendation of my mother who worked with Read More >

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Nutrition Protocols for Real People

I have spent 20 years in community and hospital-based healthcare looking for ways to help people feel better and improve their quality of life.

As a Clinical Nutritionist, I will review your health and nutrition history, in order to explore the root causes of your health concerns.

I will create a personalized nutrition program to help optimize your health with a focus on healthy eating and preventative healthcare that is tailored to your lifestyle.

Make a few small changes… and you will be AMAZED at the difference in how you look and feel!

Marsha Fenwick

Clinical Nutritionist

Marsha Fenwick Nutrition, Marsha Fenwick, toronto nutritionist

There’s something that can help you lose weight, look and feel younger, improve your energy, strengthen your immune system and feel better inside and out. It’s called food.

Marsha Fenwick Nutrition, Marsha Fenwick, toronto nutritionist

Marsha Fenwick Nutrition, Marsha Fenwick, toronto nutritionist, toronto holistic nutritionist, weight loss nutritionist toronto, nutritionist toronto reviews, certified nutritionist toronto, registered holistic nutritionist, registered holistic nutritionist toronto, registered nutritionist toronto, certified cancer coach, certified cancer coach toronto, holistic cancer coach, cancer coach toronto, clinical nutritionist, clinical nutritionist toronto

Marsha Fenwick

Marsha inspires and educates her clients with regards to the connection between the food you eat and how you feel. Follow Marsha on your journey towards improved health!   Marsha Fenwick Nutrition, Marsha Fenwick, toronto nutritionist, toronto holistic nutritionist, weight loss nutritionist toronto, nutritionist toronto reviews, certified nutritionist toronto, clinical nutritionist, registered holistic nutritionist, registered holistic nutritionist toronto, registered nutritionist toronto, certified cancer coach, certified cancer coach toronto, holistic cancer coach, cancer coach toronto

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