E.M. MSW, June 2023

I decided to consult Marsha out of concern regarding annual lab testing that indicated that my blood glucose level was in the pre-diabetic range. My goal was to reverse this trajectory.

I found Marsha to be very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She provided me with a lot of sound information and sustainable, flexible meal planning. She included delicious recipes designed to be satisfying and keep my blood glucose level low.

I appreciated having the educational handouts to refer to and help to gradually integrate the information and ideas from our discussions into my everyday life.

The proof, as they say, is in the low glucose pudding 😊.  My last lab tests showed a drop in both my fasting and A1C blood sugar levels.  My endocrinologist told me that I was doing so well he didn’t need to see for another year. It goes without saying that I will recommend Marsha to family and friends without hesitation.


T.K., May 2023

I contacted Marsha because of my GERD and ongoing digestive issues. I wanted to find ways to improve my daily health.

I was provided with a very realistic and comprehensive plan. Marsha listens to her patients and has an extensive knowledge of nutrition and what will work for your individual needs. She is also always there to answer questions and checks in on you as well. She suggested I change my probiotic and I felt better right away! I loved her recipes which I use all the time. By changing my diet, adding supplements and timing of my eating, I do feel much better. I highly recommend Marsha for nutritional counselling and support!


J.S., March, 2023

Marsha is incredible because she listened to my limitations and lifestyle and built a plan around what I liked and what I would eat instead of what she wanted me to eat.

Unlike others she took into consideration my busy lifestyle, many functions and restaurants needed to be able to manage thru and the reality of how much exercise was realistic and ensured that I could easily maintain the choices she suggested.

So far…down 26 pds in less than 3 months and feel great! Thx Marsha!!


SG, Oct 2022

I am a 56 year-old reasonably fit woman, but I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in the fall of 2018. My doctor wanted me to start taking calcium supplements. I figured that increasing the calcium intake in my diet would be a healthier way for my body to absorb the increased calcium so I enlisted the help of Marsha Fenwick.

My journey began in Marsha’s home, where she served me mint and cucumber infused water. YUM! We all strive to drink our water daily – this certainly makes it easier to get my 2-3 liters in daily. We reviewed my diet and identified foods that I should avoid, and foods that I should introduce into my diet.

Marsha is a wealth of information. She educated me on foods that would increase the calcium intake in my diet, and introduced me to recipes, healthy alternatives, and products on the market that I was unaware of. She also made me aware of Toronto vendors that I didn’t even know existed to help inspire me to be more creative in the kitchen, not just for me, but for my family as well.

I have lived up to my promise to Marsha (and myself!) to continue to make healthier choices and have learned to include certain foods in my day- to-day routine and I feel great! I am looking forward to seeing the results of my next bone density test! I am going to ace it! [Symbol] Thanks for your awesome help Marsha!!!

LN, August 2022

Marsha came highly recommended to me by a friend when I was looking for a nutritionist to help with my gut health and numerous issues I have been having for years.

My goal was to address the root cause of my stomach issues and I needed guidance to get on that path. What I most appreciated about Marsha’s work was her methodical approach to listening, taking notes and then providing the bes plan forward.

Her sessions were structured and educational… in a helpful and practical way. While we covered a lot of ground, it was very easy to follow the nutritional guidance, dietary pland and the recipes she provided.

Not only have I seen a big improvement in how I feel, I am also much more aware and informed of what I eat and the food choices I make. I highly recommend Marsha. She is a delight to work with and her overall health-related knowledge is vast.


BF, July 2022

I contacted Marsha as I had digestive issues that resulted in pain in my stomach, especially at night. It was interfering with my sleep. My goal was to change my eating habits in order to fix this problem, but to remain full and satisfied with a healthy eating plan. I also wanted to lose a few pounds.

Marsha provided me with an individualized eating plan, taking into account at all times the foods that I enjoy and the ones that I don’t eat. Her concerned approach made my progress realistic. She introduced new foods to me that were in line with what I eat, and tweaked certain foods which made it easy to incorporate these healthy foods into my diet.

I enjoyed being accountable by meeting on Zoom every two weeks. We discussed my progress and the new recipes that she sent me after each meeting. I found the handouts helpful and great as they had new meal ideas that were healthy and filling. Some of the foods I had not heard of before!

I have achieved my goal, as my digestive problems have now gone away. I have lost 12 pounds to date!

I would highly recommend Marsha. She was fabulous and very focused on my issues. I could not have achieved this without her professional help! Thanks Marsha!


JK, June 2022

Working with Marsha has been such a pleasure. I had a fair amount of knowledge and understanding of nutrition beforehand, but Marsha tailored all of my learning to be personalized nutrition for MY body. This has really made all the difference.

I’ve felt so much better in the short time we’ve been working together. I no longer feel pain or bloating, I am also noticing changes in my body and skin and my energy levels are up as well. She is very motivating and kind in her approach. I didn’t feel restricted at all and the changes she made to my diet were reasonable.

As a 26 year old, I’ve seen a lot of people my age suffering a lot, just like me. Working with Marsha has completely changed my life and I’m not suffering anymore! I 100% recommend her services if you find you’re in pain or discomfort or simply want to make healthier choices for yourself.


D.L., April 2022

When I first had the thought that I would use the expertise of a nutritionist I had no specific goals other than general health. I do have some minor health issues that I thought “upgrading” my diet could only be beneficial and may address these issues. After working with you for around 2 months, I can say with confidence it has been very beneficial. My heartburn has virtually disappeared and I am far more aware of what I should and shouldn’t be eating. I would also like to add that it wasn’t a huge disruption to the kitchen. Your knowledge and easy going style made the whole experience very enjoyable. The many recipes you supplied have given us great healthy options in the kitchen.

U.M., March 2022

I am very grateful to Marsha. She has helped me to learn how NOT to diet. I do not have to count calories. I just need to make healthier choices. Now I know what to put on my plate at each meal. I am constant and effortlessly losing weight in a sustainable and safe way.

I reached out to her because I am about to turn 50 and I know that my body’s resistance to unhealthy habits is not going to last long.

Now, I have all the tools to keep losing weight until I reach the recommended weight for my height, age and lifestyle; and afterwards, to maintain my weight in order to prolong my lifespan and control and avoid chronic diseases.

People need to hear from you, you can change many lives, just like you have done with mine. Thank you, Marsha!

S.P., Nov 2021

I decided it was time to take action and transform my health after years of struggling with stomach related issues. It was affecting me both physically and mentally and so I decided to see if a change in diet might be the answer. I chose MARSHA on the recommendation of my mother who worked with her for weight loss and had seen great success. Before starting the program I was feeling very sluggish and struggling with bloating and low self esteem from how I looked and felt. Throughout the program I saw big progress from small changes. I felt optimistic in my goals and felt both physically and mentally healthier. My biggest challenge was cutting out snacks and carbs but Marsha was able to give me some great alternatives and continued to remind me that I don’t need to remove everything I love all at once, or even at all. Instead continued to remind me what great progress I was making and that the changes I had made were significant. I now feel much more in control of my eating and have a better understanding of the choices I make when choosing what to eat. Marsha provided me with the encouragement I needed and made my goals seem achievable. This isn’t a short term solution to a problem but a life long lesson in understanding the choices I make regarding my health and diet.

Thank you.


A.K., Sept 2021

After years of struggling to find nutritional stability I came to Marsha looking to boost my energy levels, mood and overall balance when it came to food. I achieved all that and SO much more. Marsha’s holistic and personalized approach afforded me with a tailored experience that accounted for all facets of my life. Not only did she expertly answer all of my questions and concerns, she equipped me with a wealth of practical knowledge that will continue to guide me into the long-term.

S.E., August 2021

Marsha has helped me tremendously with a life-changing eating plan.

I have gained extensive knowledge about nutrition, better eating and anti- inflammatory foods.

When I started the programme I was feeling tired and starting to have aches and pains and joint pain in my body. The medical doctor told me it was my age ( 53!!!?) and arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome and that there was not much that can be done. He wrote off all the aches and pains to “getting old”.

I can honestly say that after 2 months I feel energetic, my skin, hair and eyes are much healthier and I have also lost weight which is great! My knee is better and my knuckles and joints are not stiff and tender.

Marsha guides you along with wisdom, empathy and also a very gentle and gradual approach.

I can honestly say that my body is not the same as when I began this journey and I will be following this clever approach to nourishing my body for optimal health! I am learning every day about proper nutrition and the relationship between good health and what we eat.

Thank you Marsha! You have helped me so much.

David P,. May 2021

In June 2020 – in the midst of the COVID crisis – I decided that I was going to make a sincere effort to losing my excess weight. I was referred to Marsha Fenwick by the Doctor and the results have been outstanding.

In June my weight was 240+ pounds. With Marsha’s encouragement and guidance – 9 months later – I am now weighing 196 pounds. In a typical month, I would lose seven pounds until the last few months when – as expected – the drop in weight slowed down. I am happy and my Doctor is happy! Marsha is now helping me to reduce and maintain my weight at below the 200 pound level.

The “food plan” that she created for me was personalized and took into account my personality and also my unique health care requirements. (I know I am not easy.) I was not hungry and I was able to modify my eating habits with her help. I was able to eliminate snacking in the evening and also control my food input during the daytime.

I would highly recommend (and have) her services to my family and friends.

B.T., March 2021

I am writing this as I am sure many others like myself have been feeling crappy and struggling over this period of time during Covid. I stayed in this negative headspace until Jan 2021 arrived and realized it was up to me to change my life and direction.

My GP had referred me to Marsha and suggested to have a conversation as there was nothing to lose. Anyways, I checked my weight last week, because my “Covid pants” were feeling loose. I’m down to 170 form 195 lbs. That’s at least 25 lbs lighter than when I started.

Who knew—okay you did! that starting my first meal of the day properly, changing up my junk snacks and intentionally starting to eliminating inflammatory foods would help my gut, my bowels and my waistline?

I love that Marsha endorses the 80/20 philosophy, a healthy awareness and finds substitutions for almost everything!

K.T., March 2021

My fight against breast cancer recurrence began with a conscious decision of gaining control once again over my body. I chose to begin my fight against breast cancer with my daily nutritional choices and intake. After all, I do believe as Hippocrates stated that “Let food be the medicine and medicine be thy food”.

As a Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Professional Cancer Coach, Marsha was my best choice to achieve my goal. Marsha is extremely knowledgeable highly educated in her field with an extraordinary amount of understanding and compassion for her client’s needs. I found Marsha to be very approachable and easy to connect with.

I am beyond grateful for Marsha’s nutritional guidance and support in my journey’s battle of cancer long term.

TK, Jan 2021

The goals I set for my time with Marsha Fenwick were two-fold. I wanted to boost my immune system after chemotherapy as well as educate myself on making healthier choices. Marsha Fenwick’s knowledge and expertise allowed me to gain the tools necessary to meet both these goals.

Her recommendations are manageable and easy enough to make subtle changes into one’s diet. I have found myself being able to cognitively make smarter choices for my overall health. Her philosophy is not intrusive rather a new way of thinking about the foods you are purchasing and cooking with.

I have not felt deprived or experienced that feeling of ‘missing out’ on foods. In fact, I have more energy, limited cravings and mentally feel as though I am in control. I am extremely elated and grateful for Marsha educating me on my journey back to normal health. Her wisdom has given me the tools to make better food choices that will last well beyond my recovery.

I would absolutely recommend her services. Thank you, Marsha Fenwick!

SK, Nov. 2020

Back in 2016, my doctor suggested I see Marsha for an evaluation to help correct some of my health problems. Over the next few years, she educated me about the importance of nutrition and we built a relationship of trust and understanding. When I was recently diagnosed with cancer on top of my pre-existing conditions, I needed all the support I could get.
Having Marsha transition to be my nutritionist was a no-brainer. As I undergo treatment, Marsha offers guidance about food and lifestyle habits with encouragement and positivity. Marsha also sends me creative recipes that I can incorporate into my specialized diet. My family and I enjoy these tasty treats and they help brighten our days during this difficult time. Marsha is definitely an essential member of my support team and I recommend her to anyone who is fighting a similar battle.

SA, July 2020

Early in May I suddenly became very ill. My food choices were restricted and it took weeks for a diagnosis. Even after my physician put me on antibiotics, I knew I needed a strong plan for good continued health.

This brought me to Marsha Fenwick Nutrition, a professional where good health is concerned and certainly valuable recipes! Marsha understands the body and the affect of our eating habits and was able to introduce me to more options and a greater awareness of ingredients in order to maximize good health and an overall better feeling.

I was very excited with Marsha’s protocol, tailored for my situation, for a healthy gut. I trusted Marsha, so eliminating or reducing certain foods was fine with me and I welcomed the healthier recipes and truly “reading the ingredients”, which has brought me to a much more energetic self.

Marsha, you are AMAZING and I am ecstatic and grateful for your guidance, knowledge and sincerity! It is truly all about what we feel on the inside shows outwardly!

ED, July 2020

I chose to see Marsha for her advice concerning adopting a vegan/plant based diet and addressing issues related to bone health and hormonal changes. I am a huge fan of her Instagram and following her thoughtful suggestions relating to the use of food to have a healing effect.

I consider myself fairly knowledgeable but collaborating together would hopefully expand my knowledge.Marsha was a great listener and after assessing my goals offered very helpful and practical solutions I could easily implement. She offered product ideas and recipes. She was respectful of my desires as well.

I would definitely recommend Marsha to anyone who wants to feel well and interested in longevity and health.We need to eat so why not make the best of it with delicious recipes and sage advice!

Thanks Marsha.

LO, March 2020

I was first referred to Marsha by my family doctor who knew that I needed help to manage my sugars and weight. I reluctantly made an appointment with Marsha as I thought I knew enough about nutrition to be able to help myself. When I met Marsha I was overweight with extremely high blood sugar (off the chart) and PCOS as an accompaniment to further make me a more difficult client for Marsha to deal with.

I was pleasantly surprised after my first meeting as not only was Marsha patient, friendly and approachable but most importantly Marsha was extremely knowledgeable and more scientifically based than other nutritionists that I had consulted with. This gave me the confidence and push that I needed to get started on this journey. I also found it very helpful that Marsha herself had so many meal ideas and recipes that she uses to feed her own family.

Over the course of our many meetings, I have learnt how to read food labels, look out for hidden sugars and chemicals in the ingredients, buy healthy and try out new grocery items that I would normally have passed on. Marsha’s collection of food packaging made it even easier to shop at the grocery store as I recognized immediately that I was buying the right brand and item.

Marsha’s emphasis is on healthy eating and lifestyle changes so I never feel or have felt stressed about weight loss or fear standing on the scale. At Marsha’s office, weight loss is a bonus side effect. I am never hungry as Marsha provides plenty of food options and I never encounter the crazy starvation that I experienced in the past with dieting. Marsha’s 80% good and 20% not so good approach is helpful as I never have felt or feel like a failure if I eat something that is ‘not healthy’ which in the past when I did diet led to binge eating and me feeling bad about myself and so on….

With all of Marsha’s help, support, advice and knowledge this lifestyle change has had many positive effects. My sugar is now at a low, normal level (my endocrinologist could not believe the difference). My PCOS symptoms have almost disappeared so that now I get regular menstrual cycles. I have also lost about 40 pounds which is a bonus side effect! The medication that I once took, I no longer need. I now incorporate exercise in my daily routine and I feel amazing physically and mentally.

Perhaps the most important and appreciated change has occurred and continues with my husband and children who I have taken with me on this journey and lifestyle change. They are now healthier (everyone’s weight is down significantly) and way more knowledgeable about nutrition as I have passed down Marsha’s advise and knowledge to them….Not to mention they are enjoying the new healthy recipes and know what to buy at the grocery store.

I know that this new lifestyle journey will be life-long and may at times be a struggle but I know with Marsha by my side, teaching me and equipping me with the latest knowledge and support I will be able to live a healthier and happier life!

LK, Jan. 2020

When my husband and I met Marsha, we weren’t prepared for the holistic impact she would have on our lives. Marsha treats the whole person, and uses her expertise to incorporate eating into your life instead of forcing your way of life into a diet! That has been the difference! Her warmth, compassion and knowledge is changing the way we see food. Our changing perceptions of food and how we look at eating, is allowing us to FEEL good because our choices are actually benefitting our physical well being! This is more than the numbers on the scale, Marsha is far more concerned with YOU and how you are feeling and how food can directly impact those things. This is all about the learning and understanding of how best to use food to make you a healthier person mentally, physically and emotionally. We have even introduced Marsha to our kids because feeling healthy, both mentally and physically is such a struggle today for everyone.

Anyone that is looking to feel better should see Marsha! We recommend her unreservedly. 

MK, Nov. 2019

I was referred to Marsha through an acquaintance at the gym. I was at my wits end with my chronic cankers and constipation issues for as long as I can remember.

Thank goodness we crossed paths!

She truly was my life saver. I am a fit 65 year old who runs and cross trains daily.  Being a vegetarian for some time I consider my nutritional intake is reasonably healthy.

Upon meeting with Marsha on several occasions, I found her to be both very professional, warm and sincerely concerned in my well-being. She welcomed me in her home, and made me feel very comfortable. She always took the time to explain, to show me sample products, read labels efficiently, and most importantly provided me with the “little tidbits” that I was unaware of. She even gave me a goody bag of her just home baked granola!

Marsha was extremely helpful. With each visit and her constant encouragement, I am currently feeling on top of the world! She has truly made a tremendous difference contributing to my well-being. My cankers are under control and my constipation issues have improved. 

Marsha truly surpassed my expectations. I am proof that her slogan, ” the power of nutrition “ produces successful results!

DB, Oct 2019

Marsha was recommended to me by my physician. I am not overweight and thought I was eating quite well. My goal was to tweak my nutrition in order to increase longevity (I am in my fifties).

I never cooked anything previously. Marsha was never judgmental and made me feel good in a very caring, calm and warm way. Marsha took the time to very thoroughly listen to and understand my background, my lifestyle and my goals. After only 2 few sessions, I totally surprised myself and my family – I actually cooked (from scratch) a few recipes of hers.

I am amazed at how easy Marsha makes it by making her recipes short and simple to follow. Marsha so gently motivated me to actually get in the kitchen and enjoy cooking!!! The recipes are delicious, nutritious and very filling. Not bad for a guy who didn’t know how to boil an egg!

Marsha is very professional in her presentation of the material, great clear handouts, and follow up. Despite her great knowledge, she has a way of explaining things very clearly in layman’s terms. She researches materials to personalize her recommendations to my needs and medical situation.

I would highly recommend Marsha to anyone who wants to embark on a journey for long term health!

LN, Sept 2019

I had just found out I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and knew I needed to change my diet in order to maintain a regular cycle. I struggled most of my life with losing weight and not understanding what I should and should not eat. I decided to meet with Marsha because I needed a guide to help me figure out what works best for me and my body when it comes to regulating my hormones and losing weight.

Marsha provided me a guide to follow that was specific to my body’s needs.She counselled me on what I was currently eating and how I can modify it to follow my new plan. My detailed plan spoke to the solutions I was looking for. She taught me what makes a perfect meal and how I can still enjoy the things I love to eat but in moderation. She provided me with recipes, product recommendations and was always available if I reached out with any questions.

It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I immediately started looking at meals and food differently. I found myself making better choices based on what I learned from Marsha. When I started working with her, I immediately saw results!

Marsha’s years of experience and knowledge was brought to every meeting I had with her. Her counsel was most helpful because even on ‘bad days’ she provided the motivation I was looking for to keep going and always reminded me of my progress so far.

I achieved my goal of getting back on a regular cycle and creating a lifestyle for myself that is both healthy and enjoyable. 

I would 100% recommend her services!

G.W., OCT 2019

I always exercised and felt that I had healthy eating habits, took vitamins and went to a naturopath previously. However, I had asthma, controlled with inhalers, swelling of my feet and legs, stomach bloat, general malaise and kept putting on weight. My trainer, (Debra Kirsch) to whom I am grateful, recommended that I should see Marsha Fenwick 2 years ago.
Marsha was so understanding, thorough and knowledgeable. She asked me about my current way of eating and we discussed potential triggers. She suggested a specific anti-inflammatory diet for me and explained in details about all the changes and encouraged me to proceed slowly. She encouraged me to journal my food, and was available to answer any questions.
At the beginning, weight loss was not the primary goal. I wanted to get back my energy, hoped to reduce the asthma medication, get rid of the constant bloating and discomfort and to feel good. I was 66 and felt awful, even though I had thought I was reasonably health.Within weeks to months of changing my eating habits, my asthma went away. I didn’t need inhalers. My energy returned and I was feeling like my younger self. 
I didn’t stick completely to the program, but was certainly vigilant with the foods that triggered my discomfort. Then, my knee blew up and I couldn’t walk and realized it was time to go back to Marsha. This time, I knew that weight loss was necessary, and I had to be more in control of my nutrition.
I now listen and I am in sync with my body, knowing what will trigger inflammation, asthma, acid reflux, and genuine discomfort. I have lost about 13 pounds, my knee is feeling better, overall much less inflammation throughout my body and I have discarded my inhalers and feel energetic.
My utmost gratitude to Marsha for her sincere and non-judgemental approach to helping me improve my quality of health and lifestyle.

Street Haven, 2019

Marsha facilitated a workshop at the Street Haven Academic and Pre-Employment Program to teach our literacy students about healthy eating.  The workshop was very well received by the participants.  They were engaged and very excited to learn from Marsha and they enjoyed the hands-on activity of making a muffin in a cup.
We really appreciate Marsha donating her time and energy to work with us.  She created a warm, welcoming and energetic environment for everyone.
Cynthia Meshorer
Manager, Academic and Life Skills Services

ES, 2019

When I first went to see Marsha, I had a host of health problems. I had acid reflux, was significantly overweight and was on the verge of type two diabetes. Needless to say, I was in need of a lot of nutritional help. Marsha asked me many questions to determine the best plan for me. Not only did she make recommendations that were practical and helpful, she helped me to understand the root causes of my health problems and how powerful eating real and healthy whole foods that are low carb and low sugar were to my eventual improvement.

After a year of meeting with Marsha, I am happy to report that I have worked hard to lose 30 pounds am now not considered diabetic as I have reversed my high blood sugar and seen solid improvements in my other numbers across the board. Marsha’s sage advice has allowed me to become empowered to take charge of my health and to adapt my lifestyle for life, I highly recommend Marsha to anyone who wants to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

SG, 2019

I was surprised to learn at my annual check-up with my physician that I had somehow put on an extra 20 pounds in the last year, and 30 pounds over the last 2 years. I was also tired all the time and kept eating food I thought would give me the short-term energy bursts I needed. This was a poor health pattern that was surely going to continue, and I knew I had to get ahead of it before it became a problem. My physician recommended Marsha as a first step to better habits.

The personalized system Marsha creates for her clients is grounded in well-established, scientific research, so you know she’s not giving you a fad diet or recipe book; it’s more like a system or way of thinking about nutrition that can help anyone quickly evaluate whether a type of food should be in your consideration set or not. She also offers other tips and tricks that help with overall nutrition, outside of food. The on-going counselling on how the plan is progressing is just something that can’t be replicated by an online health food blog.

She understands that we need to feel full, and creates the diet plan to ensure you are getting the right kinds of foods to feel satisfied after eating, even with reduced portion sizes. The food options she puts together are also extremely convenient and quick to prepare and is great at finding budget-friendly options, so you’re not doubling your grocery bill just to eat more healthily. Beyond all of this, she thinks practically and understands that everyone needs a treat once in a while and that it can be okay to have an indulgence (in moderation, of course).

After implementing her plan, after just 3 months, I lost 20 pounds, 4 inches of waist size, and now barely need coffee in the morning (I have my energy back).

I would definitely recommend her services!

SK, 2019

During our first session, Marsha educated herself on my overall health and took the time to get to know me and my needs. She quickly assessed my struggles and devised a clear and concise plan for positive change. She taught me how to prepare balanced meals, and provided me with easy and delicious recipes that my whole family enjoyed. Although weight loss wasn’t necessarily the primary objective, I was thrilled to lose some weight after incorporating her suggestions. More importantly, thanks to Marsha’s insightful and personalized guidance, I finally dealt with my sugar cravings and I feel and look much healthier. Yay, for fitting comfortably in my clothes and healthy, glowing skin!

CK, 2019

I first went to see Marsha after I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I was having stomach issues with constant stomach aches and bloating and occasional nausea. I knew I had to change something in my life. Marsha provided me with a nutrition plan and told me what I should be including as a benefit as well as reducing. When I first started cutting things out of my diet, especially gluten and dairy, it was extremely difficult. Marsha provided me with so many great recipes and strategies to help me out. After about a month, it got so much easier and I saw a drastic change. I was not getting as many stomach aches, the bloating after meals decreased and I felt so much better overall. I was eating cleaner while still enjoying things (especially chocolate) in healthier ways. I found Marsha to be very informative and helpful and would absolutely recommend her services.

SK, April 2019

Change is often scary, especially when you need to put your trust in someone else and let go of the foods you love. In my case, I had to significantly reduce my sugar intake and naturally, I worried I would feel deprived. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to remove trigger foods when given wholesome and nutritious alternatives. The meal plan Marsha recommended was doable and delicious! Even my family was excited to experiment with the new foods and recipes I brought home. Marsha’s Oat & Seed Cookie with Chocolate Chips is a favourite in my household. Yes, you can eat cookies and chocolate when you learn to balance and incorporate whole food ingredients.

Harold Levy, Feb 2019

I probably never would have ended up being a client of Marsha Fenwick if my heart doctor had not given me an unsettling message: Lose about 30 pounds (or more preferably) or else!! It was the unappetizing words ‘or else’ that got to me! Before that first appointment, I expected that I was going to be exposed to a severe, highly structured, unpleasant dietary regime. To my surprise, I began to enjoy my sessions with Marsha – and the food program she designed for me from the outset. I think that’s because Marsha excels in giving me alternatives to the foods I truly enjoy (which, of course, happen to be on the forbidden list. Marsha has also made the experience interesting by giving me enough digestible (no pun intended) information on nutrition, to help me make more sensible dietary decisions. Lastly, I think what makes all of this work ultimately is that Marsha is a very empathetic person who has a natural way of making me still feel good about myself, even if, as occasionally happens, I stray from her dictates. I still have a bit of a way to go, but am confident, that with Marsha’s help and advice, I will get there before not too long – and stay there.

SW, 2019

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in my forties, I was looking for nutrition information that I could trust. While trying to sort through extensive information on my own on the topic of breast cancer, health and nutrition, I often times felt frustrated with conflicting information that I found. Marsha is a great resource to have whether you are in treatment, in recovery or beyond. She has experience, the knowledge base and she is effective in her methods to impart change. I have made substantial health changes thanks to Marsha’s recommendations and feel confident that I am on the right track.

CK, 2018

I was referred to Marsha by my family physician. I had recently retired and really wanted to focus on improving my overall health, including lowering my blood pressure, cholesterol and weight to healthier levels. Marsha gets to know you and provides very clear and practical advice, including products (what to look for on packaging and where to get them) and easy recipes. It has been a good transition to cleaner and healthier eating. I had been referred to a nutritionist a few years ago that did not lead to success. Marsha’s approach is far more effective and sustainable. Thank you Marsha!

AD, 2018

After chatting with a friend who had improved her lifestyle by meeting with a nutritionist, I decided that I too could gain something from meeting with Marsha. I am a very fit, active 55 year old Kindergarten teacher who already eats well, but Marsha gave me the motivation to do better, be more versatile and resolve my Candida issue among other sleep and stomach problems. Her knowledge of eating more healthy fats helped me feel satiated during my busy day, and the food alternatives that she introduced me to made eating more interesting, fun and healthy.

Marsha was always professional, warm, and knowledgeable throughout and with follow thru after our meetings, I left infused with a desire to incorporate new foods, eliminate some and take care of my body. As a result, I have lost my brain fog, resolved my candida and am sleeping better! Thank you Marsha!

LK, 2018

Women’s Wellness Retreat Fall 2018: 

As soon as we arrived at the beautiful bayside log home turned ‘retreat’ for the day, a calmness settled inside of me. A gathering of fifteen women…some of us knowing one another, others strangers. It was a willingness to be somewhat vulnerable amongst these women, which brought me to sign up. My expectations were set at neutral. I mean, how bad could it be: healthy food, a bit of physical exercise, delightful waterfront views and likely some thoughtful conversations? However, what I did experience was the makings of a very well-organized and planned out day. The facilitators kept the agenda on course and yet we all had opportunities to share our views and learn from one another. There was an openness and feeling of a “safe place” to express ourselves. Many of the concepts we discussed have moved from ideas to actions.

More often, I do think about what I “fuel” my body with. Marsha provided many healthy alternatives and education so that I can make better food choices. I was inspired by the stories of each woman, including how Debra motivated herself to become a personal trainer. I think of Vanessa’s phrase of, “What’s your Gremlin?” and how to marginalize that soulless voice. Thank you for all the attention to details, energy, love, devotion and care you put into such a fabulous day retreat! I hope we have an opportunity to all do it again when the tulips start emerging through the spring thaw. What a delightful possibility.

AA, 2018

I have recently decided to go vegan, and knowing the nutritional challenges I would be facing, I consulted Marsha for some much needed help and advice. She was nothing but helpful! Not only did she answer all of my questions with such detail and knowledge , she really put all my concerns at ease. She sent me great recipes to help me get started and has kept in touch to see how I’ve been coming along so far! With Marsh’s help I feel more confident, prepared and most importantly, excited for what lies ahead. Marsha, thank you so much!!!!

VJ, 2018

When I first met Marsha, I was constantly hungry and never felt satisfied or energized after a meal or snack. Marsha completely changed the way I eat and how food makes me feel. As a vegetarian, she taught me how to eat healthy, low carb food that made me feel full. Yes, I lost weight after working with Marsha. But, more importantly, I now feel both full and energized after I eat.  This has been such a gift to my well-being. Thanks Marsha!

WC, 2018

I have been diagnosed with inflammatory osteoarthritis that affects the joints in my hands. My arthritis doctor prescribed periodic steroid injections into my joints, which are quite painful, along with a medication that adversely affects my immune system and, as a side effect, can also cause permanent damage to my eyes. I consulted Marsha with the hope that dietary changes might help control the inflammation underlying my condition and possibly reduce my reliance on these medications.

I believe that the changes Marsha recommended to my diet have made a tremendous difference. When I follow Marsha’s recommendations, my hands no longer feel swollen and painful, and my energy levels and mood are much better as well. I loved Marsha’s approach, which was to engage in intelligent dialogue with me, and to show me concrete examples of the kinds of foods she recommended. Marsha’s advice and recommendations are also based on current scientific research. I highly recommend Marsha to anyone looking to make dietary changes for improved health and wellness.

GF, 2018

I came to see Marsha in February after a 5 week period that went till the end of January where I had experienced excruciating pain from a large kidney stone that pretty much blocked my right kidney and caused both extreme pain and my “numbers to be significantly out of whack”. Creatinine, A1C blood sugar and blood pressure. I weighed about 243 pounds then and today weighed at 219 pounds. My kidneys were not functioning well.

I needed help as my drug regimen was getting more and more significant as my symptoms continued and grew unabated.

You gave me hope that this suffering could be reversed through a lifestyle change, starting with what I put into my body and it’s impact. Weight loss was an additional benefit but was not my primary goal. My waist is now 38 inches, down from 42 inches. My blood pressure has decreased significantly from about 135/95 to 110/75. I normally pass about 6 kidney stones per year and have not had one since changing my lifestyle and followed you advice.

As a result, I must say that my results have surprised me and exceeded my expectations due to your advice, guidance, encouragement and support. I would recommend anyone to talk to you who recognizes that without change things will deteriorate and you provided concrete steps to make positive change for the long run. I commend how your approach is with fun and humanity free of judgement about past lifestyle choices.

Thank you Marsha.

SB, 2018

Dear Marsha, Thank you so much for all your help! You have helped me change my life and the way I feel about myself. I no longer have terrible discomfort, bloating and stomach cramps I felt from eating all the wrong foods and it is thanks to you. I appreciate the tailored plan to fit my specific needs and all your encouragement, support and motivation. You have such vast knowledge in your field of nutrition and your recipes are simple and tasty. I look forward to continuing my journey towards improving my health.

TK, 2018

My doctor sent me to Marsha after years of stomach issues. We had tried a number of diagnostic tests and they were unable to identify any problem. Eventually I asked if there was an alternative option and was given Marsha Fenwick’s name. After our first consultation I began noticing changes and within a month, the pains and discomfort was gone. A bonus was that I also lost weight and am continually feeling better. I highly recommend Marsha Fenwick Nutrition.

AK, 2018

I would like to take a moment to truly thank Marsha for helping me lose weight in a healthy and sustainable matter while improving my overall health. From my late teens and into my adulthood I have always struggled with weight gain. I tried to eat well, take my vitamins and follow all the buzzing trends. Despite it all, I was still not happy with my overall weight and health. I constantly felt tired, bloated and hungry. I came to Marsha with an array of issues and a long list of foods that I simply could not eat. With great patience and knowledge Marsha was able to create a customized and feasible diet plan for me that has now become part of my lifestyle. Thank you Marsha for allowing me to see the difference between a fad diet and a healthy diet. You have been a life changer!

MM, 2018

To whom it may concern;

I had an amazing experience with Marsha Fenwick as my holistic nutritionist.
I originally went to Marsha to educate myself in foods to best boost my immune system. I am thrilled to say this is the first winter in 10 years I’m not on antibiotics for sinusitis!!
I found Marsha to be extremely knowledgeable and caring. Marsha was able to explain her expertise and knowledge in a cohesive and practical approach.
I absolutely loved working with Marsha and would encourage anyone who is seeking a holistic nutritionist to definitely use Marsha. She is professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable.

Have a nice day!!

DS, 2018

Marsha’s not your garden variety nutritionist, she’s a clinical nutritionist with an extensive background in hospital healthcare. Rather than counting calories or points, Marsha presents the most up-to-date evidence based research and nutritious solutions to help their clients, like myself achieve their weight loss goals and address specific health conditions.

It’s not about deprivation or obsessive dieting, Marsha’s approach is about making smart choices that focus on whole foods, low carbs and healthy fats and giving yourself permission to digress without guilt while remaining on your path and experiencing a rewarding transformation.

Throughout my visits and time spent with Marsha , she was my personal cheerleader providing me with information and inspiration to succeed.

Why do I love and recommend Marsha? Because she’s authentic, warm and passionately invested in her clients’ success.

EB, 2017

Thank you so much, Marsha for ‘sorting’ me out these last few months. When I first started seeing you, I was frustrated, depressed and completely overwhelmed – I had no idea how to deal with a number of medical issues that directly affected my nutrition and life as I had known it. You calmly, professionally and compassionately listened to my complaints, problems and issues and have turned my life around in the best way possible. Not only do I have medical issues to deal with, I am a very picky eater as well and not open to many new suggestions. But, you never made me feel that I had to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with and together we came up with great alternatives and a plan to keep me healthy and happy. Your recipes are easy to follow and delicious and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together. You have impacted my life in a positive way and I will always be grateful to you for taking caring of me and making sure that my health was your number one priority.

JB, 2017

Dear Marsha,
I am writing to let you know that I had my recent visit to my physician. He has confirmed that my  blood pressure has dropped and that I have lost 13 pounds since my last visit.

All this I attribute, with great thanks, to your wise counsel and gentle encouragement.   When my doctor recommended your services, I had been suffering for several years with a variety of digestive issues. Within a few minutes of our first meeting you recognized my symptoms and prescribed a dietary change that not only relieved my digestive problems but, quite literally, changed my life.

While I lost weight and lowered my blood pressure, more significantly, I also improved my overall health and psychological outlook something I really didn’t think possible at my age.  I’m a changed man, Marsha, and I thank you for it. 

MA, 2017

I came to Marsha as a referral from my naturopath. I was frustrated, angry and didn’t know where to turn. I had had my thyroid removed four years prior, gained a tremendous amount of weight, read a lot of conflicting information about what I should and should not eat (supplements included), and expected this experience to be as futile as a previous experience with the hospital dietician.. Was I ever wrong!!!!!

Marsha explained the medication I was on and taught me what supplements and foods to incorporate into my day to reduce inflammation. She gave me recipes, and support. It wasn’t long before weight loss followed.

My biggest regret is not having been to her SOONER!!! It would have saved me a lot of angst!! I strongly recommend Marsha to anyone not comfortable in their own skin.

AE, 2017

Marsha has been an excellent guide to me in changing my nutritional habits and life style. Since then, my usual pain is almost gone without medication.  I feel much energetic, and therefore more positive. And guess what I have also lost 7 pounds… But for me the most important part is that, after 3 months that I am on my own, I see that I changed my mind set and it is my life style now. And yet without sacrificing my treats ;))  Thank you Marsha for teaching me sustainable eating habits, and helping me get healthier.

marsha fenwick testimonial oct 23 2017

IG, 2017

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for your guidance in clarifying an eating plan that is sustainable for me. Your insight has helped me to better understand an easy approach to my issues around stabilizing blood sugar. Your sensitivity and non-judgmental approach opened the door to MY drive to improve my overall health.

After a simple meeting in your comfortable office you helped put me on track to implement an approach that made sense. I undertook some simple challenges and have been able to enjoy many benefits. While I had a rudimentary understanding on diet and nutrients I was invariably confused on a daily basis about what and how to eat to feel better. By making a few changes I soon understood that the myths that I’d understood for so long were just that, myths. By recalibrating my notions on diet, in a few short weeks of altering my usual intake I felt more in comfortable making food choices that make sense for ME. Thank you for helping to consolidate some concepts that I was familiar with into an “entry-level” scheme. Your guidance has helped to open the door to improved health.

My cravings have subsided and along with that my energy throughout the course of the day now remains constant. While I have so many more aspects to integrate into my lifestyle, I feel well on the way to better health.

Thank you Marsha for your kind guidance!

JS, 2017

For over 20 years I struggled with daily headaches and digestive issues. After years of ultrasounds, various scans, and endoscopes, I was told my stomach issues were due to Irritable bowel Syndrome, and my headache might be stress related. I took various medications, but nothing helped. I had seen a Dietitian at one point, but it do not prove to be very helpful either. Seven months ago my headaches and digestive issues had gotten increasingly bad. I would be unable to keep my meals down almost every day.  My wife mentioned I was not doing well to a co-worker, who in turn told recommended I contact Marsha. She had seen her for digestive issues, and had great success. I did and what followed was an amazing change in my life. No more throwing up, and almost no headaches. Marsha was able to determine that I have a number of food sensitivities, and that they were the root cause of my problems. She spent a great deal of time talking to me about food and food production, and how to identify triggers that will cause me concern. We then developed a nutrition strategy that is working well and also very enjoyable. Thank you so much Marsha. You have given me my life back.

T, 2017

I have truly enjoyed working with Marsha over the past several months learning about holistic nutrition and gut health. I always appreciated her warm smile and the way she welcomed me into her home and kitchen. Marsha knew how eager I was to change my dietary habits and to feel better. She was always happy to share her favorite articles, products, and recipes with me. With my new natural ingredients and newfound knowledge I am once again enjoying eating and cooking. Marsha is a most skilled nutritionist as well as a lovely human being. Thank you 🙂

SL, 2014

I was very fortunate to have known Marsha and be under her care. I have nothing but great experience with my sessions. Her in depth knowledge in food and nutrition served a great tool for me to achieve my goals. I love her approach. She taught me that it is not about the calories and dieting, it is about lifestyle, it is about choices. She was very patient to educate me. I don’t feel deprived with food. In fact, I enjoyed trying out healthy and delicious recipes from her. After 5 sessions and followed her advice, not only I look healthy – my skin improved and lost about 12 pounds! I also feel great! I feel less bloated, slept better and had more energy through out the day. My whole-being overall is healthy!

Above all, Marsha genuinely care about her clients. She follow up with me after every session just to make sure I am doing well. I really felt her passion to make a difference in every person she meets.

I think I speak for my mom and I when I say that, Marsha really made an impact in our lives! We learned so much from her. Thank you so much, Marsha. I cant’t wait to work with you again!

RS, 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Marsha this past summer when I contacted her regarding acute joint inflammation due to gout. Immediately she instructed me how to change my diet to reduce inflammation and avoid further gout attacks. Her recommendations and suggestions resulted in the targeted issues being resolved but also noticeable increase in energy and gradual weight loss. She recommended a diet that was easy to follow and maintain during a busy work lifestyle. Many of her recommendations are also family friendly and we enjoy many healthy meals together. She took the time to understand my health and lifestyle needs in order to recommend a balanced and realistic diet.

Luba Napoleone, 2017

My name is Luba Napoleone and I met Marsha September 2016 at her office at Back in Action. The goal of my visit was not only to lose weight but also maintain it. Before I met Marsha in person I heard a lot of good things about her and the approach that she uses. The personal encounter exceeded all my expectations. I saw a very stylish and physically fit person who also turned out to be very knowledgeable and passionate about health and general well-being of her clients. She creates a very warm and relaxed atmosphere where you feel very comfortable and secure. All the recommendations Marsha made were helpful and easy to execute. I started to see really positive results very soon.

Every visit to Marsha’s was a treat and an eye-opener how to live life gracefully and make right food choices that allow me to feel and look better.

I still have many more pounds to lose but Marsha makes my journey comfortable yet adventurous and for sure very delicious.

Looking forward to working with you in 2017!!

VF, 2016

I went to see Marsha because I refused to accept what so many people had told me, “Once you are in your late 40’s you are going to gain weight and there is nothing you can do about it- it’s the hormones.”  Marsha helped me understand about my way of eating, reducing inflammation and  how to make a number of healthy changes that were easy to incorporate into my life. I lost the weight that I had wanted to and I now see food as fuel for maintaining a healthy body.

Barby G – Fitness Consultant, 2016

I started seeing Marsha for nutritional advice to try to reduce some of the inflammation I had in my body after having a bad car accident, which was recommended to me by my Chiropractor. After a few weeks of incorporating her suggestions, I noticed my pain had started to improve, particularly overall, not just in the injured areas. I believe as a result of her coaching and manageable food choice recommendations, not only am I able to resume my running that I had to stop a year ago as a result of back pain, but I have also lost a few pounds that I put on as a result of menopause, which no matter what I tried, I couldn’t take off! Marsha, thank you for your information, your support, and your fabulous suggestions! Like you said to me, “it doesn’t have to be difficult! You were right!

Thank you!

Jordan S., 2016

Working with Marsha over the past year has been a great, as well a rewarding experience with the progress I have made. When I started with Marsha my main goal was to change my lifestyle. I was not eating clean, took no vitamins or supplements and had thought “Whole Foods” was just a grocery market. Marsha was very helpful with her knowledge and expertise on creating an individualized plan that incorporated whole foods, exercise, vitamins and supplements into my busy schedule. I am always on the go and can’t be bothered to prepare my own meals most days, which made clean eating a severe challenge for me. Marsha assisted me with finding a few local and amazing take-out places (better than any junk food restaurants), which has made eating whole foods on-the-go super easy. When I do have time to prepare my own meals I follow the recipes Marsha has provided which are super easy to follow, as well the end result is always nutrient rich and delicious. I am the healthiest I have ever been and plan to continue my healthy journey. I definitely recommend Marsha to anyone who has been contemplating a nutritionist, as she was a pleasure to work with!

Katie G., 2016

Marsha Fenwick has joined us at the Bernard Betel Centre on a number of occasions. She has run various informational presentations; set up a table with information and food samples at one of our Health Fairs; and has run a 4-week Healthy Eating and Nutrition Series. Her presentations and programs are very well researched and she brings a wealth of knowledge. She creates tailored presentations, handouts, and recipes, and she is able to successfully address the health and nutritional concerns of the older adults we serve. The participants and feedback for her programs is always excellent. We look forward to having her back at the Betel Centre soon. Katie Giles – Manager, Health Promotion and Wellness – Bernard Betel Centre

Debra, 2016

Marsha is not your “garden variety” nutritionist. Her approach is comprehensive and customized – not cookie-cutter (although she will probably suggest that you cut out cookies that are sugar-laden). Her information gathering takes into consideration numerous factors that transcend simply the food you eat. She is an excellent listener, empathetic and supportive. Her passion and commitment to helping clients is evident. She is extremely knowledgeable and takes joy in sharing her valuable insights and information that can affect lifestyle changes. I adopted many of her whole food and healthy product recommendations, and recipes, and have found these alternatives extremely rewarding. Marsha is truly invested in her clients’ success.

M. Reingold, 2016

Marsha was recommended to me by my primary care physician because of persistent stomach discomfort. He had tried to make some suggestions to improve my diet but I was still regularly feeling bloated and constipated. This is a problem that began in my late teens and continued to now, when I am 30. After conducting a thorough in-take, Marsha provided practical suggestions and strategies for helping improve my health. She made good recommendations that had an immediate impact. Over the course of our sessions, Marsha was prepared for each session with specific ideas and she took my food and dietary needs into consideration. While I was required to make many, and fairly serious changes to my dietary lifestyle, I can honestly say that my life has been totally changed for the better and I couldn’t have done it without Marsha’s support and guidance! Thanks Marsha!

Kevin M., 2016

I have been working with Marsha for the past 6 months. Marsha is such a wonderful nutritionist and life coach. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share, but more importantly knows how to share that information through effective coaching.  Marsha provides easy to follow instructions and methods to get anyone to their desired goal.  she is very knowledgeable and patient. That is what made my experience with her most enjoyable.


Kevin M. Testimonial

Diana B., 2016

Marsha is a wonderful nutritionist.  She took my likes and dislikes, plus my lifestyle into consideration when formulating a healthy nutrition plan that is sustainable and ideal for my individual needs.  She took the time to teach me about food and explain why certain choices are healthier than others.  With Marsha’s guidance, encouragement and vast amounts of knowledge, I’m now on the path of a healthier life.

Raquel S., Event Producer – RSG Events, 2016

As an Event Producer in the GTA, I often seek talented people for a variety of events.  I recently contracted Marsha to do a presentation on health, hormones and the power of food.  In attendance were twenty eager women ready to learn about this topic.  Marsha’s presentation was excellent.  She was thorough and well spoken and always answered questions in a clear and concise manner.  She presented many interesting facts about the subject manner and even busted some old myths.  Marsha took time during the presentation to ensure that everyone had a thorough understanding of the issues being discussed.  She is well educated and an expert in her field.  I would highly recommend Marsha to anyone looking to make a healthy lifestyle change and to any organization looking to book an expert in this area.

S. Peterson, 2016

For years I’ve struggled with issues regarding my weight. I’ve been to dietitians, on different diets yet my weight was still up and down. When I went to Marsha, one of the first things she told me was that she wasn’t putting me on a diet, she was going to teach me how to live a healthier lifestyle. Once I started eating the way Marsha showed me I started feeling better and my cravings subsided within a week.. I especially liked learning about food journalling because I became more aware of what I was eating and snacked less when I noticed my patterns. Marsha taught me that you can eat healthy and still indulge at times,however I become educated in a way that was inspirational and practical.

For the first time in my life I feel like I am on healthy and happier path.

Thank you !!

VJ, 2016

As a vegetarian, it has always been challenging to eat well. Plus, over the past 10 years, I have had 2 kids and gained 10 pounds.  I also suffer from migraines regularly. So, my lofty goals for Marsha were:

1) healthy, balanced vegetarian diet,
2) lose 10 pounds and
3) reduce my migraines.

I am thrilled to say I am well on the way to achieving all these goals. Marsha has done a huge overhaul to the way I eat. She taught me how include protein in every meal. I am no longer starving and grabbing for carbs. My weight is dropping off without even trying.  Best of all, my headaches are less often and less intense. I’m sure as I continue to follow Marsha’s plan they will disappear all together. Plus, as an added bonus, my whole family, including my two fussy kids are ALL eating better. Marsha is highly knowledgeable and really cares about your success. Marsha comes highly recommended.

Anon 2, 2016

After starting university, I found it hard to get into a healthy routine and lifestyle to adjust to while away from home. I would eat whatever I wanted from the cafeteria and never went to the gym. These unhealthy habits caused me to gain the FRESHMEN 15. Upon returning home from my first year away at university, Marsha helped me get back into a healthy practical lifestyle and showed me some delicious options. Marsha helped me drop my freshmen 15 through personalized meal plans, one on one appointments and support, taking me on a tour of the grocery store, and setting me up with being prepared and organized for the week. Marsha really encouraged me to feel better and feel confident again. Her warm, personalized, and easy to speak to approach made it very comfortable to meet with Marsha and get on my path to being healthy. When I returned back to school my friends all told me I looked great and they asked what my secret was and I told them Marsha Fenwick Nutrition!!!

Thanks Marsha

MP, 2016

Marsha is a very special person and uniquely qualified nutritionist. Her broad experience in traditional and natural healthcare enables her to have a truly “holistic” approach – she considers the “whole” patient and creates a bespoke recommendation for everyone rather than a “one size fits all approach” that we see all to often in this practice.  Marsha not only helped my body heal from exhausting and difficult cancer treatments, she  also taught me things I did not know and enabled me to progress even further on my journey to optimal health. I am lucky to have found her and am incredibly grateful for her support.

Anon, 2016

I came to Marsha feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. Having swelling all over and poor digestion, I turned to Marsha to provide me a direction for better eating that was reflected in the areas of my greatest need. This was not a cookie cutter diet but truly a foundation for a better way of life. I make better choices today – with Marsha leading me through to sound directions that were really great for me. Today, I feel better, sleep better and focus more readily than I have in years. And… my body swelling has started to subside.

PH, 2015

I was 64 years old when I started seeing Marsha. I was referred to Marsha by a personal trainer who has been working with me for about 5years. I struggled with my immune system and my weight. I also had high blood pressure. I was just a mess. Back in January of 2015 – my weight hit 210lbs. My blood pressure was near medication levels. My doctor was after me to lose weight and get my blood pressure down. Oh yes – I’d just finished fighting cancer. That was in 2014. I also suffer from kidney stones – lots of them.

We met back in February and Marsha listened to all of my problems and we set a game plan in place. Marsha seemed VERY sure she could help me. We met again a couple of weeks later and we went over her plan together. (I have to say – my wife was with me to listen to you – as I feel with her support and yours – none of the following would have happened.)

Marsha laid out a 5 visit plan where we’d meet every 2-3 weeks and go over my progress. I have to say – I never thought I would be able to change my way of life and eating as I did. There were a few things that were harder to change than others, but overall, I was able to do it. Once again I have to say – I had great support from you and my wife. The biggest surprise for me was that you can change the way you eat and look a food in a whole different light. I certainly haven’t starved.

So here I am going on to 5 months since we met. This is what I am like today:

– I have lost around 25 lbs.
– I have lost almost 5 inches off my waist.
– My blood pressure is normal.
– At my last doctor’s visit, he congratulated me on my blood pressure, weight loss and belly fat.
– I’m down to a size 36 and that is getting loose.
– My kidney doctor was happy with my results – as this is helping with my kidney stone.
– My cancer is in check.
– I am out walking, playing golf and feeling great.

None of this would have been possible without meeting Marsha. I won’t say it wasn’t work – you have to be honest with yourself – or you will fail. I have a lot of people to thank for all of this – and you are one of those people.

The person I thank the most is – ME. If I didn’t start – I can’t imagine just how bad my health would be now.


Anon, Aug 2015

When I met Marsha many months ago, I was chronically exhausted, overweight, and had a multitude of ailments that made living life much more difficult than it had to be. After years of poor eating habits and no exercise, I experienced intense sugar cravings each day and I was caught in a vicious unhealthy cycle. As soon as we met, I felt Marsha’s genuine warmth and concern. She is truly extraordinary to work with as she is extremely knowledgeable and very motivating. She was patient and flexible and worked on finding a plan that could work for me. She was so motivating and suggested small changes and tweaks I could make to improve my health. After a short time, I began to feel better and incorporated more and more changes into my life. Marsha motivated me to exercise and make more and more dietary changes. I also began taking a few supplements which helped me immeasurably. I cannot recommend her enough as a nutritionist.  I have dropped weight and am feeling better than I have in many years. The best thing is I no longer focus on calories as I have a new mindset and eat to enjoy! Thank you, Marsha!

LK, 2015

I started seeing Marsha Fenwick in early Nov 2014. My bad eating habits were beginning to take a toll on my health and I knew that a drastic change was needed or I would risk developing diabetes and further complications down the road,

Marsha was a pleasure to work with and gave me the confidence to turn my life around for the better. She provided me with the knowledge to replace the bad eating habits that I had adopted for so many years.

She developed a personalized meal plan and snacks that was suited to my tastes and lifestyle and she helped me to implement changes to my diet and more importantly my well being which were realistic.

Her constant communication and accountability which included weekly follow up texts helped me to move forward and remain on a forward path.
Marsha was extremely warm, caring and approachable at any time and I highly recommend her services for anyone who is looking to better their life and mental well being.

MU, 2015

For many years I had suffered crippling stomach aches, painful gas, and acid reflux, which is what prompted me to seek out the help of a holistic nutritionist. I needed real-life, down to earth advice from someone who could tell me more than just what was medically wrong with me.

When I went to see Marsha, the first thing she did was take a detailed history… It’s always important to me that professionals are thorough and consider all the options. Afterwords, she recommended small easy changes to make as a start. It made the overwhelming task of changing my diet and eating habits so simple to do!

Marsha also suggested that I remove some of the inflammatory foods from my diet as a natural remedy for treating my acid reflux and stomach pains. I much preferred the idea of cutting out lactose, nightshades, and gluten from my diet then taking pills or painkillers!

After about a week (which was difficult, I’ll admit!) I felt so much better! I had high levels of energy, felt great, and was sleeping better at night.

I look forward to more of your advice, Marsha! Thank you for all your help!

Anon, Dec 2014

Upon my very thorough initial consultation with Marsha it became clear to me that I wanted to get off of my blood pressure meds or at least lower my dose. Through the food choices that Marsha provided me with, it very quickly became a reality!

In the past, I’ve tried many diets and none of them worked. Marsha, a holistic nutritionist provided me with a totally different approach. I don’t see her food plan as a diet. It is in fact a lifestyle change that I was able to quickly adopt. She listens and finds ways of bringing change in slowly and clearly. The simple life changes and choices I now make have facilitated a healthier lifestyle. The introduction of chia, hemp and flax seeds to my eating plan is just one of the simple choices I make daily to add to my morning shake and as such I start my day off right.

Thanks Marsha for educating me on a proper way of eating and for making it easy and simple. A year later I’ve kept up the good choices with a better understanding of what and when to eat. A big thank you!

AB, 2014

I met with Marsha over a couple of months. Our goal was to tweak my diet so that I could lose weight and improve my (and my family’s) nutrition. My weight loss goal was modest but it made a big difference to me in terms of clothes fitting and my general feeling about myself. Working with Marsha opened my eyes to what had been undermining my efforts when I tried unsuccessfully to lose weight on my own. The things she asked me to change about my diet were very doable, and I never felt hungry or deprived. Marsha also had many great suggestions for how to make my diet healthier, which genetically modified foods to avoid, and which supplements to use to make my diet more effective. She was also a source of some excellent recipes that we all enjoyed. I learned how to lose weight gradually, but in a way that would last, and how to feed my family in a healthier way. Thank you Marsha for everything.

Anon, Nov 2014

After years of struggling with various health issues, including polycystic ovary syndrome and hypothyroidism, I was convinced I couldn’t lose weight, no matter what I did. I was referred to Marsha by my personal trainer. She took the time to evaluate my history and current health issues. We worked together to realize that I had a food sensitivity I wasn’t aware of. By making only a few changes to my diet, I was able to lose 25 lbs. and countless inches!! I have also been able to significantly reduce inflammation, eliminate my migraines and improve my overall energy. Marsha takes a unique approach to health and wellness by understanding that there are various factors involved beyond diet and exercise. Without her guidance, I would not have been able to achieve my goals. I’m now on the path to success and I couldn’t have done it without her kindness and wisdom. I can’t thank her enough!

JF, 2104

I initially contacted Marsha because I wanted to eat healthier and lose weight. My initial consultation was very positive. She did a thorough assessment and examined all aspects of my health and lifestyle. The next 5 months that I spent with Marsha were very educational and she taught me so much about food and how to make healthier and better choices. I felt I achieved a great understanding of nutrition and how simple changes in my diet could increase my energy level, improve my sleep each night and just made me feel better on so many levels.

Marsha has a very caring and flexible approach to her practice. She listens, understands the challenges of life and busy schedules and upon leaving each session, I felt confident and more in control of my life and how to live better. She provided me with simple and delicious recipes, articles to read, samples to take home and always followed up with me between sessions to make sure I was on track.
Whatever your reason is for seeing Marsha, she will always be professional, friendly and caring and help you reach your unique goals.

AR, 2014

I have had the pleasure of working with Marsha Fenwick over the past 2 months.  I initially contacted Marsha just to get a few tips on my diet and how I could tweak it to feel better.
During our initial session, Marsha conducted an extremely thorough, professional interview to determine my nutrition concerns, my risk factors and my historical eating patterns.  Through this process, not only did she confirm some issues that I knew about, but she quickly identified a number of other symptoms that she felt were likely related to diet. I left that assessment assured that I was speaking with the right person.

Over the next few weeks we worked together on a plan to make incremental changes that I was able to manage.  I’m happy to say that not only has my energy level and general feeling of well-being improved, but the aches & pains that I thought were just part of my job, are gone.

Marsha understands the challenges faced by busy individuals and families, and doesn’t try to overwhelm you with change.  She’s about incremental, sustainable change. Her plan is clear, her knowledge amazing, and most of all, she is clearly a sincere, caring practitioner who is fully vested in the health of her patients.

I would recommend Marsha to anyone looking to improve their health through nutrition.

AP, 2014

I had tried everything, not just to lose weight but to get healthy. Where a previous dietician treated me for being heavy, Marsha took the time to figure out what was the underlying causes of the issue. I came to Marsha because I had frequent migraines, indigestion, insomnia, always felt tired and I had tried many different approaches. Marsha is very educated on every subject she reviews with you and freely offers up the knowledge to educate and empower you. I felt that I had the support to go through the elimination of bad foods and replacement of new foods to really figure out what was going on. Marsha was always responsive and checked in with me frequently. I have several conditions, some hormonal and Marsha took that into account going forward  as she helped  me with gradual changes. Marsha doesn’t put you on a diet, she helps you make positive changes in your life, the right way for the long run! I have not had a migraine for 3 months, stopped my antacids and have naturally lost weight, my joints no longer hurt and I have the support I needed to make the change.

RM, 2014

I wanted to provide my family with a healthier and more balanced diet that would be simple to follow and would not complicate our daily routine. I just didn’t know where to begin. Marsha was very helpful explaining all we needed to know when choosing our meals and provided us with simple and tasty recipes. And more important, she showed me how what we eat can impact our body and mental health.

LR, 2013

Marsha was incredibly knowledgeable regarding health and the details of food; what should be consumed for optimum health, what products in food that should be avoided, and healthy choices for cravings. Everything was presented in a way that can be understood easily so that incorporation into daily life was attainable. Results were steady and healthy, results that will last. Everything learned will be taken forward and applied as it is timeless, great knowledge, not a “fad”. YOUR health is Marsha’s priority.

MD, 2013

All of my life I have been aware of the fact that I was not taking the best care of myself. Though I made a few efforts to correct that situation I suppose it was a combination of age and opportunity which led me to finally takes steps to get on the right road. I am certainly glad I met Marsha when I did. She has been patient and helpful in a manner that is useful and constructive. I have seen real benefits and hope to continue with her guidance to be the best I can be. I would highly recommend Marsha’s services to anyone considering taking control of their health and strongly suggest not waiting a moment longer to get on the path to the best they can be.

FA, 2013

I cannot believe how incredible I feel with the dietary changes which Marsha has suggested! My migraines are practically GONE, my IBS is under control, and my hot flashes have diminished! I am now a total believer: the food you put into your body makes a HUGE difference!!! A gazillion thanks to Marsha!!!!

JC, 2013

Marsha helped me get back on track with proper calorie intake and energy-boosting foods when I was in a post-partum slump. She was very insightful and her recommendations have truly been a lifestyle change for me. I am so grateful for Marsha’s insight. I have recommended her to family members and believe anyone with nutritional needs will highly benefit from her.


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