David P. May 5, 2021

In June 2020 – in the midst of the COVID crisis – I decided that I was going to make a sincere effort to losing my excess weight. I was referred to Marsha Fenwick by the Doctor and the results have been outstanding. In June my weight was 240+ pounds. With Marsha’s encouragement and guidance Read More >

D. L. April 20, 2021

When I first had the thought that I would use the expertise of a nutritionist I had no specific goals other than general health. I do have some minor health issues that I thought “upgrading” my diet could only be beneficial and may address these issues. After working with you for around 2 months, I Read More >

B.T. March 29, 2021

I am writing this as I am sure many others like myself have been feeling crappy and struggling over this period of time during Covid. I stayed in this negative headspace until Jan 2021 arrived and realized it was up to me to change my life and direction. My GP had referred me to Marsha Read More >

U.M. March 29, 2021

I am very grateful to Marsha. She has helped me to learn how NOT to diet. I do not have to count calories. I just need to make healthier choices. Now I know what to put on my plate at each meal. I am constant and effortlessly losing weight in a sustainable and safe way. Read More >

K.T. March 9, 2021

T.K. January 23, 2021

The goals I set for my time with Marsha Fenwick were two-fold. I wanted to boost my immune system after chemotherapy as well as educate myself on making healthier choices. Marsha Fenwick’s knowledge and expertise allowed me to gain the tools necessary to meet both these goals. Her recommendations are manageable and easy enough to Read More >

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