L.O. March 4, 2020

LK January 28, 2020

When my husband and I met Marsha, we weren’t prepared for the holistic impact she would have on our lives. Marsha treats the whole person, and uses her expertise to incorporate eating into your life instead of forcing your way of life into a diet! That has been the difference! Her warmth, compassion and knowledge is changing the Read More >

MK November 1, 2019

I was referred to Marsha through an acquaintance at the gym. I was at my wits end with my chronic cankers and constipation issues for as long as I can remember. Thank goodness we crossed paths! She truly was my life saver. I am a fit 65 year old who runs and cross trains daily.  Read More >

DB October 7, 2019

Marsha was recommended to me by my physician. I am not overweight and thought I was eating quite well. My goal was to tweak my nutrition in order to increase longevity (I am in my fifties).  I never cooked anything previously.  Marsha was never judgmental and made me feel good in a very caring, calm and warm way, Marsha took the time to very thoroughly listen to Read More >

LN October 7, 2019

I had just found out I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and knew I needed to change my diet in order to maintain a regular cycle. I struggled most of my life with losing weight and not understanding what I should and should not eat. I decided to meet with Marsha because I needed a guide to help me figure out what Read More >

GW October 7, 2019

I always exercised and felt that I had healthy eating habits, took vitamins and went to a naturopath previously. However, I had asthma, controlled with inhalers, swelling of my feet and legs, stomach bloat, general malaise and kept putting on weight. My trainer, (Debra Kirsch) to whom I am grateful, recommended that I should see Marsha Read More >


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