Harold Levy February 28, 2019

I probably never would have ended up being a client of Marsha Fenwick if my heart doctor had not given me an unsettling message: Lose about 30 pounds (or more preferably) or else!! It was the unappetizing words ‘or else’ that got to me! Before that first appointment, I expected that I was going to Read More >

SG February 28, 2019

I am a 56 year-old reasonably fit woman, but I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in the fall of 2018. My doctor wanted me to start taking calcium supplements. I figured that increasing the calcium intake in my diet would be a healthier way for my body to absorb the increased calcium so I enlisted the Read More >

SW January 10, 2019

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in my forties, I was looking for nutrition information that I could trust. While trying to sort through extensive information on my own on the topic of breast cancer, health and nutrition, I often times felt frustrated with conflicting information that I found. Marsha Read More >

CK January 3, 2019

I was referred to Marsha by my family physician. I had recently retired and really wanted to focus on improving my overall health, including lowering my blood pressure, cholesterol and weight to healthier levels. Marsha gets to know you and provides very clear and practical advice, including products (what to look for on packaging and Read More >

AD November 26, 2018

After chatting with a friend who had improved her lifestyle by meeting with a nutritionist, I decided that I too could gain something from meeting with Marsha. I am a very fit, active 55 year old Kindergarten teacher who already eats well, but Marsha gave me the motivation to do better, be more versatile and Read More >

LK November 20, 2018

Women’s Wellness Retreat Fall 2018:  As soon as we arrived at the beautiful bayside log home turned ‘retreat’ for the day, a calmness settled inside of me. A gathering of fifteen women…some of us knowing one another, others strangers. It was a willingness to be somewhat vulnerable amongst these women, which brought me to sign Read More >

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