International Women’s Day 2017 #BeBoldForChange

Today is a very important day as we celebrate International Women’s Day in support of #BeBoldForChange.

As a holistic nutritionist and cancer coach I am often asked what 5 things would I recommend to change. Therefore, I wanted to share 5 empowering nutritional and health tips for women all over the world to begin embracing:

1. Make a commitment to something whether it be health, nutrition, career, family or friends and stick to it because it can set you free.

2. If you could only focus on one positive nutritional change consider reducing your sugar intake and start reading labels on ingredients for its food quality or preferably eat WHOLE FOODS.

3. Aim for more plant based and rainbow coloured fruits and vegetables as the scientific research shows they contain large amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to improve one’s health.

4. Find your “why“ and motivating inner voice to start thinking change.

5. Begin with small changes and stay consistent which can lead to long term sustainable changes while being kind and patient with yourself!!!

Make today, International Women’s Day, YOUR day to start your journey to become empowered, inspired and independent. One day at a time!