Cucumber and Sage Facial Mask

This mask tightens the skin and draws impurities to the surface while stimulating circulation. It’s an ideal way to nourish and cleanse your skin and give your face a restored and fresh look.


Makes about 4 oz of mask mixture.

• 2/3 cup sage leaves
• ½ cucumber (peeled and chopped)
• 1 teaspoon of lemon (or lime) juice
• 2 egg whites


Place all ingredients in a blender, then pour into glass jar. By using your fingertips, apply the mask to your face (avoiding eyes and lips), leave on for about 10 minutes at maximum. In the end, rinse with warm water and apply a thin layer of moisturizer.

About the ingredients:

  1. Sage:  Sage is often used to aid slow down signs of aging like sagging skin and wrinkles. It’s also added to many beauty products like anti-spot and anti-mark creams, which help prevent scars, cracks, and other unwanted skin marks.
  2. Cucumber:  The flesh of the cucumber is generally water, but also contains caffeic acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), both of which help calm skin irritations and reduce swelling. Cucumber applied topically is often helpful for burns, dermatitis, and swollen eyes.
  3. Lemon:  Lemon, as well as lime juice, are very beneficial for skin when applied topically or consumed orally. Lime has a high amount of Vitamin C and flavonoids that help rejuvenate your skin, reduce body odor, and protect it from infection. When applied topically on your skin, its assists rub out the dead cells, eliminates dandruff, and heals bruises and rashes.