Have you heard of the Ketogenic Diet?

As a certified cancer coach and holistic nutritionist, I have the privilege to work with cancer clients before, during and after cancer treatments.

During these challenging intervals, the goal of nutrition is to optimize one’s immune system, energy, healthy weight goals and provide beneficial food choices with nutrient dense and clean foods.

Not only is it essential to remove some foods from our diet but it is even more significant to include foods containing minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients which work synergistically for our cells. There are many different nutrition plans that may be beneficial to optimize one’s health. The Ketogenic Diet has long been studied as such for some cases along with other therapies. The Ketogenic diet is already a well-established line of treatment against seizure disorders and epilepsy.

Ketogenic Diet and Cancer
The Ketogenic diet is a metabolic diet to fight cancer. The rationale for it’s use evolved from Dr. Otto Warburg’s research in 1930’s demonstrating that many cancer cells prefer sugar for fuel and growth because of their rapid metabolism.

Ketogenic diet, ketogenic diet plan, ketogenic diet cancerMany cancers are highly glucose positive as confirmed by PET Scanning, which uses radioactive glucose to highlight some rapidly growing tumors. The Keto Diet is designed to target cell metabolism by reducing the metabolic factors that promote cancer growth while protecting normal cells from the toxic effects of traditional therapies.

Having worked with individuals over time, I have found the Ketogenic Diet to be difficult to follow. It must be personalized and customized to each individual’s case if warranted. It is a restricted calorie diet that emphasizes the consumption of a high fat diet (70 – 80 % fats and oils, 15-20% protein, 5% carbs including mainly green leafy vegetables or small amounts of fruits).

Before Starting a Ketogenic Diet…
There are several contraindications to this diet in terms of underlying health and medications, therefore detailed health and medical history is essential. Individuals on the Ketogenic Diet are strongly advised to consult with their physician, naturopath or health care practitioner both before starting this diet and throughout the course. As a nutritionist, I can guide you through your journey. Book your consultation today. >

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