Personalized Nutrition: One of the Ten Key Health and Nutrition Trends for 2022

Personalized nutrition is based on an individual’s unique DNA, biochemistry, and microbiome. It is about understanding which foods or nutrients an individual responds to so that we can choose the most effective foods to eat for our unique physiology. This is already happening in the case of food allergies or intolerances, which can be tested for and adjusted in the diet.

Personalized nutrition is exciting!

Did you know that it is possible that you could improve your health by drinking watermelon juice every day, but if your friend drank the juice every day, they’d get no benefit?

A recent study from the University of Alabama showed that watermelon juice was effective at raising lycopene (an antioxidant possibly linked to heart health and other benefits) levels in blood, meaning it could be beneficial for health.

The reason personalized nutrition is exciting is what you see when you look at how each individual participant responded to the juice:

For some people, the juice increased lycopene levels by 26 (µmol/L), but for other participants there was no effect at all. The researchers were able to attribute this to variations in genetics between each individual.

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Watermelon is loaded with lycopene which is not only good for hearth health, but it also makes the watermelon so red!  View watermelon treats & hacks here > 🍉❤️

“What if a [nutritionist] could recommend foods to choose that were twice as effective for an individual’s specific genetics? Instead of ‘eat more fiber’, it’s ‘eat more barley’? This is the future you can see when you look at how different people’s bodies respond to nutrition interventions. You can make dietary recommendations, or tailored foods or beverages, much more effective without requiring any more work on the consumer’s part.”

~ Nathan Pratt, PhD, RD, Nutrition Scientist

Personalised nutrition seems to be the future of health and nutrition, but is science there yet?

Many companies and products are claiming to deliver personalized nutrition solutions but in order to build a personalised nutrition plan that accounts for the entire diet or all of an individual’s health needs, we need to continue to build libraries of data and scientific substantiation on how genes or microbiomes interact with food and nutrients. With fields like metabolomics becoming more efficient, progress is being made.

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While we cannot change our genes, we can change our nutrition and lifestyle!

As a nutritionist, I have seen great results and positive changes through the power of food as fuel and I work with many individuals in this area of health.

As a Certified Genetic Practitioner, I understand genetic concepts pertaining to diet, nutrition, detoxification, fitness, hormonal health, and metabolic disorders and have also been trained on the interpretation of the genetic testing reports along with the development of a DNA-based health plan for better health outcomes. 

I am excited to provide a DNA health and wellness genetic assessment. Following a review of your genetic profile and results, I will then create a personalized protocol that includes nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, therapeutic supplements and meal planning (Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Low Carb) to address the root causes of your health and nutritional issues, related to your genetic predispositions.

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Marsha is not your typical nutritionist. She began her career 20 years ago as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Later, she earned her certifications as a Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, and Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner. Marsha is also a Certified Cancer Coach. Her clinical practice specializes in: sustainable healthy weight loss, digestive health, women's hormones, diabetes, heart health, and cancer prevention and recovery. For more information and to book a FREE 15 minute consultation go to

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