I met with Marsha over a couple of months. Our goal was to tweak my diet so that I could lose weight and improve my (and my family’s) nutrition. My weight loss goal was modest but it made a big difference to me in terms of clothes fitting and my general feeling about myself. Working with Marsha opened my eyes to what had been undermining my efforts when I tried unsuccessfully to lose weight on my own. The things she asked me to change about my diet were very doable, and I never felt hungry or deprived. Marsha also had many great suggestions for how to make my diet healthier, which genetically modified foods to avoid, and which supplements to use to make my diet more effective. She was also a source of some excellent recipes that we all enjoyed. I learned how to lose weight gradually, but in a way that would last, and how to feed my family in a healthier way. Thank you Marsha for everything.