After starting university, I found it hard to get into a healthy routine and lifestyle to adjust to while away from home. I would eat whatever I wanted from the cafeteria and never went to the gym. These unhealthy habits caused me to gain the FRESHMEN 15. Upon returning home from my first year away at university, Marsha helped me get back into a healthy practical lifestyle and showed me some delicious options. Marsha helped me drop my freshmen 15 through personalized meal plans, one on one appointments and support, taking me on a tour of the grocery store, and setting me up with being prepared and organized for the week. Marsha really encouraged me to feel better and feel confident again. Her warm, personalized, and easy to speak to approach made it very comfortable to meet with Marsha and get on my path to being healthy. When I returned back to school my friends all told me I looked great and they asked what my secret was and I told them Marsha Fenwick Nutrition!!!

Thanks Marsha