When I met Marsha many months ago, I was chronically exhausted, overweight, and had a multitude of ailments that made living life much more difficult than it had to be. After years of poor eating habits and no exercise, I experienced intense sugar cravings each day and I was caught in a vicious unhealthy cycle. As soon as we met, I felt Marsha’s genuine warmth and concern. She is truly extraordinary to work with as she is extremely knowledgeable and very motivating. She was patient and flexible and worked on finding a plan that could work for me. She was so motivating and suggested small changes and tweaks I could make to improve my health. After a short time, I began to feel better and incorporated more and more changes into my life. Marsha motivated me to exercise and make more and more dietary changes. I also began taking a few supplements which helped me immeasurably. I cannot recommend her enough as a nutritionist.  I have dropped weight and am feeling better than I have in many years. The best thing is I no longer focus on calories as I have a new mindset and eat to enjoy! Thank you, Marsha!