Upon my very thorough initial consultation with Marsha it became clear to me that I wanted to get off of my blood pressure meds or at least lower my dose. Through the food choices that Marsha provided me with, it very quickly became a reality!

In the past, I’ve tried many diets and none of them worked. Marsha, a holistic nutritionist provided me with a totally different approach. I don’t see her food plan as a diet. It is in fact a lifestyle change that I was able to quickly adopt. She listens and finds ways of bringing change in slowly and clearly. The simple life changes and choices I now make have facilitated a healthier lifestyle. The introduction of chia, hemp and flax seeds to my eating plan is just one of the simple choices I make daily to add to my morning shake and as such I start my day off right.

Thanks Marsha for educating me on a proper way of eating and for making it easy and simple. A year later I’ve kept up the good choices with a better understanding of what and when to eat. A big thank you!