I had tried everything, not just to lose weight but to get healthy. Where a previous dietician treated me for being heavy, Marsha took the time to figure out what was the underlying causes of the issue. I came to Marsha because I had frequent migraines, indigestion, insomnia, always felt tired and I had tried many different approaches. Marsha is very educated on every subject she reviews with you and freely offers up the knowledge to educate and empower you. I felt that I had the support to go through the elimination of bad foods and replacement of new foods to really figure out what was going on. Marsha was always responsive and checked in with me frequently. I have several conditions, some hormonal and Marsha took that into account going forward  as she helped  me with gradual changes. Marsha doesn’t put you on a diet, she helps you make positive changes in your life, the right way for the long run! I have not had a migraine for 3 months, stopped my antacids and have naturally lost weight, my joints no longer hurt and I have the support I needed to make the change.