I am writing this as I am sure many others like myself have been feeling crappy and struggling over this period of time during Covid. I stayed in this negative headspace until Jan 2021 arrived and realized it was up to me to change my life and direction.

My GP had referred me to Marsha and suggested to have a conversation as there was nothing to lose. Anyways, I checked my weight last week, because my “Covid pants” were feeling loose. I’m down to 170 form 195 lbs. That’s at least 25 lbs lighter than when I started.

Who knew—okay you did! that starting my first meal of the day properly, changing up my junk snacks and intentionally starting to eliminating inflammatory foods would help my gut, my bowels and my waistline?

I love that Marsha endorses the 80/20 philosophy, a healthy awareness and finds substitutions for almost everything!