I contacted Marsha as I had digestive issues that resulted in pain in my stomach, especially at night. It was interfering with my sleep. My goal was to change my eating habits in order to fix this problem, but to remain full and satisfied with a healthy eating plan. I also wanted to lose a few pounds.

Marsha provided me with an individualized eating plan, taking into account at all times the foods that I enjoy and the ones that I don’t eat. Her concerned approach made my progress realistic. She introduced new foods to me that were in line with what I eat, and tweaked certain foods which made it easy to incorporate these healthy foods into my diet.

I enjoyed being accountable by meeting on Zoom every two weeks. We discussed my progress and the new recipes that she sent me after each meeting. I found the handouts helpful and great as they had new meal ideas that were healthy and filling. Some of the foods I had not heard of before!

I have achieved my goal, as my digestive problems have now gone away. I have lost 12 pounds to date!

I would highly recommend Marsha. She was fabulous and very focused on my issues. I could not have achieved this without her professional help! Thanks Marsha!