In June 2020 – in the midst of the COVID crisis – I decided that I was going to make a sincere effort to losing my excess weight. I was referred to Marsha Fenwick by the Doctor and the results have been outstanding.

In June my weight was 240+ pounds. With Marsha’s encouragement and guidance – 9 months later – I am now weighing 196 pounds. In a typical month, I would lose seven pounds until the last few months when – as expected – the drop in weight slowed down. I am happy and my Doctor is happy! Marsha is now helping me to reduce and maintain my weight at below the 200 pound level.

The “food plan” that she created for me was personalized and took into account my personality and also my unique health care requirements. (I know I am not easy.) I was not hungry and I was able to modify my eating habits with her help. I was able to eliminate snacking in the evening and also control my food input during the daytime.

I would highly recommend (and have) her services to my family and friends.