Marsha was recommended to me by my physician. I am not overweight and thought I was eating quite well. My goal was to tweak my nutrition in order to increase longevity (I am in my fifties).

I never cooked anything previously. Marsha was never judgmental and made me feel good in a very caring, calm and warm way. Marsha took the time to very thoroughly listen to and understand my background, my lifestyle and my goals. After only 2 few sessions, I totally surprised myself and my family – I actually cooked (from scratch) a few recipes of hers.

I am amazed at how easy Marsha makes it by making her recipes short and simple to follow. Marsha so gently motivated me to actually get in the kitchen and enjoy cooking!!! The recipes are delicious, nutritious and very filling. Not bad for a guy who didn’t know how to boil an egg!

Marsha is very professional in her presentation of the material, great clear handouts, and follow up. Despite her great knowledge, she has a way of explaining things very clearly in layman’s terms. She researches materials to personalize her recommendations to my needs and medical situation.

I would highly recommend Marsha to anyone who wants to embark on a journey for long term health!