I was really struggling to lose the Covid pounds from the past 2 1/2 years. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about nutrition, health and fitness and in the past, I was always able to drop the excess weight when I needed to. This time, it was a struggle so I decided to enlist the help of Marsha Fenwick.

Marsha was so honest, sincere and emphasized that it would be a gradual and manageable process… and it was! The lessening (eradication) of certain specific foods was hug. I always knew that these things were bad for you but was also unaware of how they are “hidden” in so many foods that we eat. The commitment to doing my best in these areas had phenomenal results when my body was given a chance to settle into its ‘new fuel’. My energy levels were impacted positively and that had a huge positive effect in other areas of my life. Also, one of the better tools/understanding was that weekends are no longer a free-for-all when it comes to food. Marsha’s plan of having a treat or a cheat meal on Saturday and/or Sunday was also a revelation for me- 2 clean meals and a treat meal makes the weekend even better than before and Monday mornings are completely different.

I will continue to use Marsha’s services when I need a kick in the butt again or if I want to change things up. Marsha, thank you so much as you absolutely shifted my thoughts and behaviour when it comes to food!