I always exercised and felt that I had healthy eating habits, took vitamins and went to a naturopath previously. However, I had asthma, controlled with inhalers, swelling of my feet and legs, stomach bloat, general malaise and kept putting on weight. My trainer, (Debra Kirsch) to whom I am grateful, recommended that I should see Marsha Fenwick 2 years ago.
Marsha was so understanding, thorough and knowledgeable. She asked me about my current way of eating and we discussed potential triggers. She suggested a specific anti-inflammatory diet for me and explained in details about all the changes and encouraged me to proceed slowly. She encouraged me to journal my food, and was available to answer any questions.
At the beginning, weight loss was not the primary goal. I wanted to get back my energy, hoped to reduce the asthma medication, get rid of the constant bloating and discomfort and to feel good. I was 66 and felt awful, even though I had thought I was reasonably health. Within weeks to months of changing my eating habits, my asthma went away. I didn’t need inhalers. My energy returned and I was feeling like my younger self. 
I didn’t stick completely to the program, but was certainly vigilant with the foods that triggered my discomfort. Then, my knee blew up and I couldn’t walk and realized it was time to go back to Marsha. This time, I knew that weight loss was necessary, and I had to be more in control of my nutrition.
I now listen and I am in sync with my body, knowing what will trigger inflammation, asthma, acid reflux, and genuine discomfort. I have lost about 13 pounds, my knee is feeling better, overall much less inflammation throughout my body and I have discarded my inhalers and feel energetic.
My utmost gratitude to Marsha for her sincere and non-judgemental approach to helping me improve my quality of health and lifestyle.