I came to see Marsha in February after a 5 week period that went till the end of January where I had experienced excruciating pain from a large kidney stone that pretty much blocked my right kidney and caused both extreme pain and my “numbers to be significantly out of whack”. Creatinine, A1C blood sugar and blood pressure. I weighed about 243 pounds then and today weighed at 219 pounds. My kidneys were not functioning well.

I needed help as my drug regimen was getting more and more significant as my symptoms continued and grew unabated.

You gave me hope that this suffering could be reversed through a lifestyle change, starting with what I put into my body and it’s impact. Weight loss was an additional benefit but was not my primary goal. My waist is now 38 inches, down from 42 inches. My blood pressure has decreased significantly from about 135/95 to 110/75. I normally pass about 6 kidney stones per year and have not had one since changing my lifestyle and followed you advice.

As a result, I must say that my results have surprised me and exceeded my expectations due to your advice, guidance, encouragement and support. I would recommend anyone to talk to you who recognizes that without change things will deteriorate and you provided concrete steps to make positive change for the long run. I commend how your approach is with fun and humanity free of judgement about past lifestyle choices.

Thank you Marsha.