I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for your guidance in clarifying an eating plan that is sustainable for me. Your insight has helped me to better understand an easy approach to my issues around stabilizing blood sugar. Your sensitivity and non-judgmental approach opened the door to MY drive to improve my overall health.

After a simple meeting in your comfortable office you helped put me on track to implement an approach that made sense. I undertook some simple challenges and have been able to enjoy many benefits. While I had a rudimentary understanding on diet and nutrients I was invariably confused on a daily basis about what and how to eat to feel better. By making a few changes I soon understood that the myths that I’d understood for so long were just that, myths. By recalibrating my notions on diet, in a few short weeks of altering my usual intake I felt more in comfortable making food choices that make sense for ME. Thank you for helping to consolidate some concepts that I was familiar with into an “entry-level” scheme. Your guidance has helped to open the door to improved health.

My cravings have subsided and along with that my energy throughout the course of the day now remains constant. While I have so many more aspects to integrate into my lifestyle, I feel well on the way to better health.

Thank you Marsha for your kind guidance!