I initially contacted Marsha because I wanted to eat healthier and lose weight. My initial consultation was very positive. She did a thorough assessment and examined all aspects of my health and lifestyle. The next 5 months that I spent with Marsha were very educational and she taught me so much about food and how to make healthier and better choices. I felt I achieved a great understanding of nutrition and how simple changes in my diet could increase my energy level, improve my sleep each night and just made me feel better on so many levels.

Marsha has a very caring and flexible approach to her practice. She listens, understands the challenges of life and busy schedules and upon leaving each session, I felt confident and more in control of my life and how to live better. She provided me with simple and delicious recipes, articles to read, samples to take home and always followed up with me between sessions to make sure I was on track.
Whatever your reason is for seeing Marsha, she will always be professional, friendly and caring and help you reach your unique goals.