Working with Marsha over the past year has been a great, as well a rewarding experience with the progress I have made. When I started with Marsha my main goal was to change my lifestyle. I was not eating clean, took no vitamins or supplements and had thought “Whole Foods” was just a grocery market. Marsha was very helpful with her knowledge and expertise on creating an individualized plan that incorporated whole foods, exercise, vitamins and supplements into my busy schedule. I am always on the go and can’t be bothered to prepare my own meals most days, which made clean eating a severe challenge for me. Marsha assisted me with finding a few local and amazing take-out places (better than any junk food restaurants), which has made eating whole foods on-the-go super easy. When I do have time to prepare my own meals I follow the recipes Marsha has provided which are super easy to follow, as well the end result is always nutrient rich and delicious. I am the healthiest I have ever been and plan to continue my healthy journey. I definitely recommend Marsha to anyone who has been contemplating a nutritionist, as she was a pleasure to work with!