For over 20 years I struggled with daily headaches and digestive issues. After years of ultrasounds, various scans, and endoscopes, I was told my stomach issues were due to Irritable bowel Syndrome, and my headache might be stress related. I took various medications, but nothing helped. I had seen a Dietitian at one point, but it do not prove to be very helpful either. Seven months ago my headaches and digestive issues had gotten increasingly bad. I would be unable to keep my meals down almost every day.  My wife mentioned I was not doing well to a co-worker, who in turn told recommended I contact Marsha. She had seen her for digestive issues, and had great success. I did and what followed was an amazing change in my life. No more throwing up, and almost no headaches. Marsha was able to determine that I have a number of food sensitivities, and that they were the root cause of my problems. She spent a great deal of time talking to me about food and food production, and how to identify triggers that will cause me concern. We then developed a nutrition strategy that is working well and also very enjoyable. Thank you so much Marsha. You have given me my life back.