Women’s Wellness Retreat Fall 2018: 

As soon as we arrived at the beautiful bayside log home turned ‘retreat’ for the day, a calmness settled inside of me. A gathering of fifteen women…some of us knowing one another, others strangers. It was a willingness to be somewhat vulnerable amongst these women, which brought me to sign up. My expectations were set at neutral. I mean, how bad could it be: healthy food, a bit of physical exercise, delightful waterfront views and likely some thoughtful conversations? However, what I did experience was the makings of a very well-organized and planned out day. The facilitators kept the agenda on course and yet we all had opportunities to share our views and learn from one another. There was an openness and feeling of a “safe place” to express ourselves. Many of the concepts we discussed have moved from ideas to actions.

More often, I do think about what I “fuel” my body with. Marsha provided many healthy alternatives and education so that I can make better food choices. I was inspired by the stories of each woman, including how Debra motivated herself to become a personal trainer. I think of Vanessa’s phrase of, “What’s your Gremlin?” and how to marginalize that soulless voice. Thank you for all the attention to details, energy, love, devotion and care you put into such a fabulous day retreat! I hope we have an opportunity to all do it again when the tulips start emerging through the spring thaw. What a delightful possibility.