When my husband and I met Marsha, we weren’t prepared for the holistic impact she would have on our lives. Marsha treats the whole person, and uses her expertise to incorporate eating into your life instead of forcing your way of life into a diet! That has been the difference! Her warmth, compassion and knowledge is changing the way we see food. Our changing perceptions of food and how we look at eating, is allowing us to FEEL good because our choices are actually benefitting our physical well being! This is more than the numbers on the scale, Marsha is far more concerned with YOU and how you are feeling and how food can directly impact those things. This is all about the learning and understanding of how best to use food to make you a healthier person mentally, physically and emotionally. We have even introduced Marsha to our kids because feeling healthy, both mentally and physically is such a struggle today for everyone.

Anyone that is looking to feel better should see Marsha! We recommend her unreservedly.