I was first referred to Marsha by my family doctor who knew that I needed help to manage my sugars and weight. I reluctantly made an appointment with Marsha as I thought I knew enough about nutrition to be able to help myself. When I met Marsha I was overweight with extremely high blood sugar (off the chart) and PCOS as an accompaniment to further make me a more difficult client for Marsha to deal with.

I was pleasantly surprised after my first meeting as not only was Marsha patient, friendly and approachable but most importantly Marsha was extremely knowledgeable and more scientifically based than other nutritionists that I had consulted with. This gave me the confidence and push that I needed to get started on this journey. I also found it very helpful that Marsha herself had so many meal ideas and recipes that she uses to feed her own family.

Over the course of our many meetings, I have learnt how to read food labels, look out for hidden sugars and chemicals in the ingredients, buy healthy and try out new grocery items that I would normally have passed on. Marsha’s collection of food packaging made it even easier to shop at the grocery store as I recognized immediately that I was buying the right brand and item.

Marsha’s emphasis is on healthy eating and lifestyle changes so I never feel or have felt stressed about weight loss or fear standing on the scale. At Marsha’s office, weight loss is a bonus side effect. I am never hungry as Marsha provides plenty of food options and I never encounter the crazy starvation that I experienced in the past with dieting. Marsha’s 80% good and 20% not so good approach is helpful as I never have felt or feel like a failure if I eat something that is ‘not healthy’ which in the past when I did diet led to binge eating and me feeling bad about myself and so on….

With all of Marsha’s help, support, advice and knowledge this lifestyle change has had many positive effects. My sugar is now at a low, normal level (my endocrinologist could not believe the difference). My PCOS symptoms have almost disappeared so that now I get regular menstrual cycles. I have also lost about 40 pounds which is a bonus side effect! The medication that I once took, I no longer need. I now incorporate exercise in my daily routine and I feel amazing physically and mentally.

Perhaps the most important and appreciated change has occurred and continues with my husband and children who I have taken with me on this journey and lifestyle change. They are now healthier (everyone’s weight is down significantly) and way more knowledgeable about nutrition as I have passed down Marsha’s advise and knowledge to them….Not to mention they are enjoying the new healthy recipes and know what to buy at the grocery store.

I know that this new lifestyle journey will be life-long and may at times be a struggle but I know with Marsha by my side, teaching me and equipping me with the latest knowledge and support I will be able to live a healthier and happier life!