I was referred to Marsha through an acquaintance at the gym. I was at my wits end with my chronic cankers and constipation issues for as long as I can remember.

Thank goodness we crossed paths!

She truly was my life saver. I am a fit 65 year old who runs and cross trains daily.  Being a vegetarian for some time I consider my nutritional intake is reasonably healthy.

Upon meeting with Marsha on several occasions, I found her to be both very professional, warm and sincerely concerned in my well-being. She welcomed me in her home, and made me feel very comfortable. She always took the time to explain, to show me sample products, read labels efficiently, and most importantly provided me with the “little tidbits” that I was unaware of. She even gave me a goody bag of her just home baked granola!

Marsha was extremely helpful. With each visit and her constant encouragement, I am currently feeling on top of the world! She has truly made a tremendous difference contributing to my well-being. My cankers are under control and my constipation issues have improved. 

Marsha truly surpassed my expectations. I am proof that her slogan, ” the power of nutrition “ produces successful results!