For many years I had suffered crippling stomach aches, painful gas, and acid reflux, which is what prompted me to seek out the help of a holistic nutritionist. I needed real-life, down to earth advice from someone who could tell me more than just what was medically wrong with me.

When I went to see Marsha, the first thing she did was take a detailed history… It’s always important to me that professionals are thorough and consider all the options. Afterwords, she recommended small easy changes to make as a start. It made the overwhelming task of changing my diet and eating habits so simple to do!

Marsha also suggested that I remove some of the inflammatory foods from my diet as a natural remedy for treating my acid reflux and stomach pains. I much preferred the idea of cutting out lactose, nightshades, and gluten from my diet then taking pills or painkillers!

After about a week (which was difficult, I’ll admit!) I felt so much better! I had high levels of energy, felt great, and was sleeping better at night.

I look forward to more of your advice, Marsha! Thank you for all your help!