I was 64 years old when I started seeing Marsha. I was referred to Marsha by a personal trainer who has been working with me for about 5years. I struggled with my immune system and my weight. I also had high blood pressure. I was just a mess. Back in January of 2015 – my weight hit 210lbs. My blood pressure was near medication levels. My doctor was after me to lose weight and get my blood pressure down. Oh yes – I’d just finished fighting cancer. That was in 2014. I also suffer from kidney stones – lots of them.

We met back in February and Marsha listened to all of my problems and we set a game plan in place. Marsha seemed VERY sure she could help me. We met again a couple of weeks later and we went over her plan together. (I have to say – my wife was with me to listen to you – as I feel with her support and yours – none of the following would have happened.)

Marsha laid out a 5 visit plan where we’d meet every 2-3 weeks and go over my progress. I have to say – I never thought I would be able to change my way of life and eating as I did. There were a few things that were harder to change than others, but overall, I was able to do it. Once again I have to say – I had great support from you and my wife. The biggest surprise for me was that you can change the way you eat and look a food in a whole different light. I certainly haven’t starved.

So here I am going on to 5 months since we met. This is what I am like today:

– I have lost around 25 lbs.
– I have lost almost 5 inches off my waist.
– My blood pressure is normal.
– At my last doctor’s visit, he congratulated me on my blood pressure, weight loss and belly fat.
– I’m down to a size 36 and that is getting loose.
– My kidney doctor was happy with my results – as this is helping with my kidney stone.
– My cancer is in check.
– I am out walking, playing golf and feeling great.

None of this would have been possible without meeting Marsha. I won’t say it wasn’t work – you have to be honest with yourself – or you will fail. I have a lot of people to thank for all of this – and you are one of those people.

The person I thank the most is – ME. If I didn’t start – I can’t imagine just how bad my health would be now.