I decided it was time to take action and transform my health after years of struggling with stomach related issues. It was affecting me both physically and mentally and so I decided to see if a change in diet might be the answer. I chose MARSHA on the recommendation of my mother who worked with her for weight loss and had seen great success. Before starting the program I was feeling very sluggish and struggling with bloating and low self esteem from how I looked and felt. Throughout the program I saw big progress from small changes. I felt optimistic in my goals and felt both physically and mentally healthier. My biggest challenge was cutting out snacks and carbs but Marsha was able to give me some great alternatives and continued to remind me that I don’t need to remove everything I love all at once, or even at all. Instead continued to remind me what great progress I was making and that the changes I had made were significant. I now feel much more in control of my eating and have a better understanding of the choices I make when choosing what to eat. Marsha provided me with the encouragement I needed and made my goals seem achievable. This isn’t a short term solution to a problem but a life long lesson in understanding the choices I make regarding my health and diet.

Thank you.