Early in May I suddenly became very ill. My food choices were restricted and it took weeks for a diagnosis. Even after my physician put me on antibiotics, I knew I needed a strong plan for good continued health.

This brought me to Marsha Fenwick Nutrition, a professional where good health is concerned and certainly valuable recipes! Marsha understands the body and the affect of our eating habits and was able to introduce me to more options and a greater awareness of ingredients in order to maximize good health and an overall better feeling.

I was very excited with Marsha’s protocol, tailored for my situation, for a healthy gut. I trusted Marsha, so eliminating or reducing certain foods was fine with me and I welcomed the healthier recipes and truly “reading the ingredients”, which has brought me to a much more energetic self.

Marsha, you are AMAZING and I am ecstatic and grateful for your guidance, knowledge and sincerity! It is truly all about what we feel on the inside shows outwardly!