Marsha has helped me tremendously with a life-changing eating plan.

I have gained extensive knowledge about nutrition, better eating and anti- inflammatory foods.

When I started the programme I was feeling tired and starting to have aches and pains and joint pain in my body. The medical doctor told me it was my age ( 53!!!?) and arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome and that there was not much that can be done. He wrote off all the aches and pains to “getting old”.

I can honestly say that after 2 months I feel energetic, my skin, hair and eyes are much healthier and I have also lost weight which is great! My knee is better and my knuckles and joints are not stiff and tender.

Marsha guides you along with wisdom, empathy and also a very gentle and gradual approach.

I can honestly say that my body is not the same as when I began this journey and I will be following this clever approach to nourishing my body for optimal health! I am learning every day about proper nutrition and the relationship between good health and what we eat.

Thank you Marsha! You have helped me so much.