I was surprised to learn at my annual check-up with my physician that I had somehow put on an extra 20 pounds in the last year, and 30 pounds over the last 2 years. I was also tired all the time and kept eating food I thought would give me the short-term energy bursts I needed. This was a poor health pattern that was surely going to continue, and I knew I had to get ahead of it before it became a problem. My physician recommended Marsha as a first step to better habits.

The personalized system Marsha creates for her clients is grounded in well-established, scientific research, so you know she’s not giving you a fad diet or recipe book; it’s more like a system or way of thinking about nutrition that can help anyone quickly evaluate whether a type of food should be in your consideration set or not. She also offers other tips and tricks that help with overall nutrition, outside of food. The on-going counselling on how the plan is progressing is just something that can’t be replicated by an online health food blog.

She understands that we need to feel full, and creates the diet plan to ensure you are getting the right kinds of foods to feel satisfied after eating, even with reduced portion sizes. The food options she puts together are also extremely convenient and quick to prepare and is great at finding budget-friendly options, so you’re not doubling your grocery bill just to eat more healthily. Beyond all of this, she thinks practically and understands that everyone needs a treat once in a while and that it can be okay to have an indulgence (in moderation, of course).

After implementing her plan, after just 3 months, I lost 20 pounds, 4 inches of waist size, and now barely need coffee in the morning (I have my energy back).

I would definitely recommend her services!