I am a 56 year-old reasonably fit woman, but I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in the fall of 2018. My doctor wanted me to start taking calcium supplements. I figured that increasing the calcium intake in my diet would be a healthier way for my body to absorb the increased calcium so I enlisted the help of Marsha Fenwick.

My journey began in Marsha’s home, where she served me mint and cucumber infused water. YUM! We all strive to drink our water daily – this certainly makes it easier to get my 2-3 liters in daily. We reviewed my diet and identified foods that I should avoid, and foods that I should introduce into my diet.

Marsha is a wealth of information. She educated me on foods that would increase the calcium intake in my diet, and introduced me to recipes, healthy alternatives, and products on the market that I was unaware of. She also made me aware of Toronto vendors that I didn’t even know existed to help inspire me to be more creative in the kitchen, not just for me, but for my family as well.

I have lived up to my promise to Marsha (and myself!) to continue to make healthier choices and have learned to include certain foods in my day- to-day routine and I feel great! I am looking forward to seeing the results of my next bone density test! I am going to ace it! [Symbol] Thanks for your awesome help Marsha!!!