I was very fortunate to have known Marsha and be under her care. I have nothing but great experience with my sessions. Her in depth knowledge in food and nutrition served a great tool for me to achieve my goals. I love her approach. She taught me that it is not about the calories and dieting, it is about lifestyle, it is about choices. She was very patient to educate me. I don’t feel deprived with food. In fact, I enjoyed trying out healthy and delicious recipes from her. After 5 sessions and followed her advice, not only I look healthy – my skin improved and lost about 12 pounds! I also feel great! I feel less bloated, slept better and had more energy through out the day. My whole-being overall is healthy!

Above all, Marsha genuinely care about her clients. She follow up with me after every session just to make sure I am doing well. I really felt her passion to make a difference in every person she meets.

I think I speak for my mom and I when I say that, Marsha really made an impact in our lives! We learned so much from her. Thank you so much, Marsha. I cant’t wait to work with you again!