After a recent diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis my doctor referred me to Marsha for nutritional counselling.  My concerns were to be educated on inflammatory foods and” how” to avoid them.  Coincidentally, just prior to my diagnosis,  I had also recently done a food sensitivity test.  When the results came back I was completely overwhelmed by the foods that were “sensitive” to me and the inflammatory foods I should avoid for my condition

Marsha helped put everything in perspective for me and guided me through prioritizing where my focus should be.  She provided me with a customized protocol elimination process and further provided me with data suggesting what other foods could be contributory to my specific condition.  Her recipe suggestions were excellent.  I found Marsha to be very understanding when I stumbled and very quick to offer other suggestions and alternatives to keep me encouraged.  The food journaling process was, for me, the most important tool.  Marsha was able to immediately ascertain what my deficiencies were and I was shocked to discover that my interpretation of healthy eating was not accurate.

The path to better health through nutrition is not easy after a lifetime of eating a certain way and I feel that Marsha understands this.  I felt very confident with her knowledge and expertise.