The goals I set for my time with Marsha Fenwick were two-fold. I wanted to boost my immune system after chemotherapy as well as educate myself on making healthier choices. Marsha Fenwick’s knowledge and expertise allowed me to gain the tools necessary to meet both these goals.

Her recommendations are manageable and easy enough to make subtle changes into one’s diet. I have found myself being able to cognitively make smarter choices for my overall health. Her philosophy is not intrusive rather a new way of thinking about the foods you are purchasing and cooking with.

I have not felt deprived or experienced that feeling of ‘missing out’ on foods. In fact, I have more energy, limited cravings and mentally feel as though I am in control. I am extremely elated and grateful for Marsha educating me on my journey back to normal health. Her wisdom has given me the tools to make better food choices that will last well beyond my recovery.

I would absolutely recommend her services. Thank you, Marsha Fenwick!