I have been diagnosed with inflammatory osteoarthritis that affects the joints in my hands. My arthritis doctor prescribed periodic steroid injections into my joints, which are quite painful, along with a medication that adversely affects my immune system and, as a side effect, can also cause permanent damage to my eyes. I consulted Marsha with the hope that dietary changes might help control the inflammation underlying my condition and possibly reduce my reliance on these medications.

I believe that the changes Marsha recommended to my diet have made a tremendous difference. When I follow Marsha’s recommendations, my hands no longer feel swollen and painful, and my energy levels and mood are much better as well. I loved Marsha’s approach, which was to engage in intelligent dialogue with me, and to show me concrete examples of the kinds of foods she recommended. Marsha’s advice and recommendations are also based on current scientific research. I highly recommend Marsha to anyone looking to make dietary changes for improved health and wellness.