Why is hydration and water essential?

Our bodies are 60% water by weight and proper hydration is essential for our overall health. Some health benefits include regulating body temp, joint lubrication, improving blood pressure, digestive health, improving bowels, clear skin and improving energy. I often hear clients say, “It is hard to get in enough water,” so please read some ideas for Happy Hydrating!!

Happy Hydrating

1. If you are new to increasing your water intake, aim for a gradual increase in water. This will allow your body to adjust so you won’t be rushing off to the bathroom so frequently. Rule of thumb is to divide weight in pounds by 2 and drink that number in ounces ( ie 150lbs divided by 2 = 75 ounces of water to aim for.

2. Purchase a reusable water bottle. Avoid plastic BPA when possible that can leach toxins and also harms the environment. I really enjoy the Life Factory glass bottle.

3. Make a water schedule and start creating a new habit. I aim for one bottle of water when I wake up before my coffee. As well as one in between each meal and after dinner a hot water with lemon or flavored herbal tea.

4. Many clients report they are hungry late afternoon and feel like a snack. I challenge you to try some infused flavored water ideas in the next section below to see if your hunger pains may be averted.

5. Coconut water is mineral rich in magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. It is a great choice on super hot days for hydration and replacing electrolytes on long runs and marathons.

6. A new favourite drink of mine is adding chia seeds (1.5 TBSP) to a big glass of water with lemon, and ginger. These seeds are hydrophilic which means they absorb water and keep the body hydrated for longer periods of time.

Looking for a great way increase your hydration level? Try these Infused Water Recipes. >

Marsha Fenwick, C.N.P.  R.R.T.

Marsha is not your typical nutritionist. She began her career 20 years ago as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Later, she earned her certifications as a Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, and Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner. Marsha is also a Certified Cancer Coach. Her clinical practice specializes in: sustainable healthy weight loss, digestive health, women’s hormones, diabetes, heart health, and cancer prevention and recovery. For more information and to book a FREE 15 minute consultation go to Marsha Fenwick Nutrition.