7 Root Causes of Weight Gain and Chronic Health Concerns

One of the most important steps in creating health is to bring awareness to the key areas of health. This article focuses on different root causes of weight gain and chronic health concerns.

Do any of these apply to you?

1. Inflammation: Chronic Inflammation is a key contributor to many chronic health conditions including weight loss resistance. This may be due to SAD as well as food sensitivities / intolerances (ie. sugar, wheat/gluten, dairy, processed foods).

2. Insulin & Blood Sugar Balance: The main function of insulin is to carry sugar out of the blood stream into the cell to be utilized as energy. Unbalanced blood sugar levels may cause insulin resistance, sugar cravings and feelings of imbalance.

3. Digestion and Gut Health: Optimizing your digestion and gut health are key factors related to neurotransmitters, the immune system, and gut microbiome.

4. Chronic Stress: Whereby the body responds by releasing high levels of cortisol. Cortisol decreases the body’s response to insulin and can cause abdominal weight gain.

5. Estrogen Excess / Hormone Imbalances: Greatest factor for weight gain and hormonal imbalances. This in turn promotes fat storage.

6. Slow Metabolism: Affected by age, gender, exercise and hormones (eg. thyroid and estrogen).

7. Insufficient Sleep: Sleeping releases the hormone melatonin which triggers the release of the growth hormone. Growth hormones create cell reproduction, healing, slow protein breakdown and encourage fat loss.

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