The seemingly endless debate over whether we should label genetically-modified organisms (GMO‘s) far surpasses the perceived value or risk they present.

When the government supports the deceptive practice of hiding hydrogenated fats in foods as long as they’re below a specific threshhold, and ambiguous terms such as “natural flavouring” disguise the presence of MSG’s and other undesirables, and addictive chemicals are concealed in junk foods, it’s definitely time for transparency in food labelling.

GMO Labelling – Can We Handle It?

The position of those opposed to GMO labelling is that we “can’t handle the truth.”

Rather than banning GMO‘s outright, let’s allow them to compete in the marketplace alongside natural alternatives with full disclosure of their ingredients.

Afterall, we have a right to know what we are putting into our bodies.

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Would you buy differently if there was more tranparency in GMO labelling?