Spring is finally on the way and a great time to spring in and recharge your immune system. Immune system breakdown leads to acute and chronic illnesses.

You can think of your immune system as a kind of military organization whose mission is to protect you from the outside invaders called antigens. Antigens include not only infections to your body but can include proteins that look foreign such as toxins, allergens and especially incompletely digested foodThis makes your immune system very complex, yet effective, as long as it does not become overwhelmed!

Five ways your immune system can be overwhelmed include:

  1. Imbalanced gut bacteria (It’s all about the microbiome)
  2. Leaky gut
  3. Sugar overload
  4. Enzyme and nutrient deficiency
  5. Hormone imbalances

There are several nutritional strategies and tools in order to help maintain, improve and even reverse these above concerns. I have seen great results with many clients through changes in diet and lifestyle.

Some recommendations include:

  1. Consider removing grains and gluten that can irritate the gut lining.
  2. Remove dairy as many people have intolerance to not only lactose but also casein.
  3. Determine all potential food intolerances and food sensitivities.
  4. Learn about how to fix your gut with an individualized protocol.
  5. Look for hidden infection such as viruses, parasites, candida and others.
  6. Reduce overall inflammation using an anti-inflammatory foods approach.

Get started on the path to a healthier life by improving your immune system now. For a personalized nutrition protocol that includes education and motivation, contact Marsha at marsha@marshafenwicknutrition.com or 416-820-8017