What Really Matters – Celebrating Those You Love

I wanted to share with you an uplifting article written by Maria Shriver called, “What Really Matters”. If you’re looking for a way to connect that will build memories that you can hold onto for years and celebrate those you love, read on…

“What Really Matters”, by Maria Shriver

“What other ways are there to show up and connect right now? What ways are there to share your dreams and express what you’re grateful for today? Well, in cleaning out my storage these past few months, I remembered something that isn’t dependent on technology—something that gives long after it’s first given. Something that provides a sense of love and memories that you can hold onto for years.

It’s a handwritten letter!

In my storage, I discovered boxes of handwritten letters. Some from my parents. Many from my brothers (can you believe that?!). Others from friends I’ve lost touch with or who have left this Earth altogether. I discovered letters I never read from people I didn’t know, many who took the time to write to me when my cousin John died, when my parents died, and when my uncle died. I discovered files of letters from friends who wrote to me when I got separated to encourage me forward and let me know they loved me and believed in me.

What really matters

I’ve been reading and re-reading many of these letters, reminding myself of the love that existed for me then and that still exists for me today. All of it has got me thinking about the lost art of letter writing. Today we rely on a text or an e-mail. People rarely even leave a phone message anymore, which allows the recipient to hear the love and joy in the other person’s voice. What a loss that my kids won’t discover letters from their siblings like I did. I still write cards to them, but I’m sure they don’t get letters from friends of long ago.

So this holiday, if you can’t hop on a plane or drive in a car, get to writing. Get to celebrating those you love. Write to anyone and everyone (and don’t forget yourself). Tell them what makes you smile. Tell them why you’re proud of them. Tell them why they’re so special. Give them the gift of your time and attention and words.

If your handwriting is terrible like mine is, you can type it out and send it. The important part is mailing a physical letter so the recipient can hold it in their hands. I promise it will last way longer than an Instant Pot or a pair of slippers.”


What really matters, Maria Shriver

Marsha Fenwick, C.N.P.  R.R.T.

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