Impediments to Sustainable Weight Loss

Clients come to see me so I can help optimize their health with nutrition.  Some common health concerns include gradual weight gain or stubborn weight loss.  These health concerns are often intertwined among digestive, metabolic and hormone issues.  My approach is to address these issues, educate and motivate to achieve improved health and nutrition with practical strategies.


Rapid weight-loss diets, magic supplements and exercise alone often don’t achieve the desired results.  This is due to many factors such as processed food intake, inflammation, hormone changes, slowing metabolism with age, medications, chronic stress, lack of sleep and more.  Our gut flora is also essential for good digestion and absorption of nutrients along with immune health.  Understanding and addressing these factors can help you win the battle of the bulge and achieve sustainable weight loss.

Weight-Loss tid-bits :


    • “Low-fat” often means “high carb”
    • Processed foods often contain highly-refined, high-glycemic carbs that trigger food cravings
    • “Natural” food labels are misleading and not regulated
    • There are healthy fats, not just bad fats
    • Nutrients such as vitamins and minerals added  into processed foods, don’t have the same nutritional benefit of those found in fresh foods
    • Our foods are now grown in nutrient depleted soils and shipped over long distances for extended periods of time.
    • Artificial sweeteners are not the solution to replace sugars such as glucose, sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup that dominate our food and drinks according to new research


Customized Nutrition – The Bottom Line


There are no short-cuts to improved health and sustainable weight loss. The winning formula involves a comprehensive  approach addressing the factors that impede your success.  My unique approach is to create a  customized nutrition program that can optimize your digestive health.

Let me educate and inspire you. Nutrition is my mission !

Optimize your health with nutrition with Marsha Fenwick Nutrition